Planning a trip to Africa?  In this installment of our Africa Travel Guide Series, join us for a 1 hour walking tour of Cape Town.

What to see in Cape Town City

Today, we were to have a driving exploration of the Cape Peninsular and Cape Point National Park.  It promised to be a day of many photo opportunities, for most part of the drive was along the African coastline of the Atlantic Ocean and would be largely scenic.

This driving tour was part of the customized package that we had with Wild Wings Safari, and Tommy and I were both relieved to be able to just sit back and relax for the day while our guide does the driving and talking.

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Company’s Gardens – Cape Town

Before we set off for the most southern tip of the African Continent which was Cape Point, we were given a brief tour of the Company’s Garden.  The Company’s Gardens was just at the doorstep of the Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel where we were having a good stay at.

The Company’s Gardens was created by the early European settlers and is now a heritage site.  Besides the many monuments and historical buildings in or around the Company’s Gardens, the most attractive component of the Company’s Gardens was the Table Mountain that features as a majestic backdrop to it.

From the Company’s Gardens, we also had the best view of the Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel which we were staying at.

The most enjoyable part of our leisurely stroll through the Company’s Gardens was observing these beautiful creatures at close proximity.  These squirrels have grown to be unafraid of humans and would gladly pose for a picture if you know how to coax them.

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Delville Wood and Artillery Memorials

The Delville Wood Memorial commemorates the South Africans who died in the Great Wars.

The Artillery Memorial was erected in memory of the gunners who fought for South Africa during World War I.

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De Tuynhuys – South Africa President Office

De Tuynhuys, where in 1992, the last State President of the Republic of South Africa announced from its steps, that South Africa had finally closed the chapter on apartheid.

Unbelievably, De Tuynhuys has humble origins as a tool shed for the gardens.  It was eventually converted into a simple guest house, and further evolved into becoming the residence for important visitors to the Cape.  It is now the Cape Town office of the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa.

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Houses of Parliament of South Africa

The Houses of Parliament of South Africa is the most stunning building in the vicinity of the Company’s Gardens.  It is from the Houses of Parliament that the President of South Africa gives his State of the Nation Address, after the opening of Parliament.  Visitors who would like to view the parliamentary session can buy tickets to sit in the public gallery.  Unfortunately, we were not that interested in South African politics.

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National Library of South Africa

The National Library of South Africa houses all the publications there are in relation to the country. It is pretty impressive, though it pales in comparison to the Houses of Parliament of South Africa.

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St. George’s Cathedral

The St. George’s Cathedral of Cape Town is known as the peoples’ cathedral because of its role in the resistance against apartheid. The St George’s Cathedral kept its doors open to people of all races throughout the apartheid era.

Most significantly, its then-Archbishop Desmond Tutu led a mass demonstration of people to a Grand Parade in 1989 and coined the phrase ‘rainbow people’ to describe South Africa’s diverse population. Today, the St. George’s Cathedral which was built to replace a church which used to occupy the site remains incomplete, and scaffolds around the cathedral is still a common sight.

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Iziko Slave Lodge

Completed as far back as 1679, the Iziko Slave Lodge is one of the oldest buildings in Cape Town.  The Slave Lodge was constructed originally to house the slaves of the Dutch East India Company, and has seen many changes of use over the years – as the Government Office Building, Old Supreme Court and now a cultural history museum.   In recent years, this museum was renamed as the Slave Lodge to reflect its role in exhibiting the long history of slavery in South Africa.

The Company’s Garden, and therefore by extension, our lodgings at the Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel was really quite centrally located, with many places of interest and attractions within walking distance.  Take note though that Cape Town is not really as safe as the other major cities such as New York and London, so if you are thinking of taking a stroll by yourself, there is still some degree of personal risk involved.

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The High Court

The High Court Civil Annex.  It’s not so much the building that was interesting, rather, it was these benches outside which demonstrated the reality of the apartheid system.

This concludes our 1 hour Cape Town City Walking Tour.

Join us next as we embark on our road trip along the Cape Peninsular and our first scenic stop at Cape Point.

First published 14 Apr 2018
Last updated 17 Feb 2019

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