Planning a trip to Africa?  In this installment of our Africa Travel Guide Series, follow us on a relaxing river boat safari experience at Chobe National Park.

Chobe National Park Tours Bostwana Day Trip

Chobe National Park is located in Bostwana, a short drive from where we were staying at the Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.  It is well known as one of the national parks with the highest concentrations of game (wild) animals in the whole of Africa, and we are about to tell you why this has to be one of our favourite places on earth.

If you are staying anywhere near the Victoria Falls, it is easy to hop on a day trip to Chobe National Park.  From where we were staying at the Kingdom Hotel, the Kazungula Border between Zimbabwe and Botswana is a short 1 hour drive away.

We arrived at the Chobe Marina Lodge shortly after crossing the Botswana border, where the catamaran that would bring us on a short cruise of the Chobe River and floodplains was already waiting for us.

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Chobe National Park River Safari

Chobe National Park is Botswana’s third largest National Park.  Given its sheer size, Chobe National Park is generally divided into 4 parts, and today, we will concentrate our efforts on the Serondela area (or Chobe Riverfront), situated in the Northeast of the park which was also closest to the Zimbabwe border where we came from.

A boat safari along the Chobe River is the most relaxing way to view land and aquatic animals.  Plus it is an alternative to the land experience we had at Kruger National Park just a few days earlier.

Special chartered boats for photography enthusiasts.

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Bird Watcher Paradise

The marshlands and floodplains in the Chobe River gives rise to a great diversity of animals.  Bird watchers will love this place for the diversity of birds here is enormous.

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Crocodile and Reptile Sightings

It is also the perfect habitat for crocodiles and other reptiles.

Camouflaging skills at its best.

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Wild Elephants in Chobe National Park

One of my most unforgettable moments of this day was watching elephants on the waterbank from the river safari.

I had to remind myself this was a real wildlife safari – this was the real deal – we were watching a wild elephant and not a show put up by a zoo.  This was my first unforgettable moment of the day.  Many more of these unforgettable moments were to come during the rest of the day.

Face to face with the elephant.

Further down the river, a family of elephants was strolling and playing by the beach.  Just like in Kruger National Park, and I suspect, in the rest of Africa as well, the population of elephants here in Chobe National Park seem to be extraordinarily healthy.

Great view of the elephants from our boat.

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Hippo Sightings

Just a short distance away from the elephants, we detected movements in the water not far from the shore – it was a pod of hippos!

Well, we’ve seen wild hippos for the first time in our lives at Kruger National Park,  but the population of hippos here in Chobe seem to be much larger!

Seldom that we can get a frontal view of a hippo and have a peep into its immense mouth.

The floodplains are indeed a lush habitat for all living things, and a thriving place for the hippos as well.

A funny looking tree sets my imagination wild, pun intended.  It looked like a sitting dinosaur, or a mythical dragon with two short legs stretched in front.

Right in the middle of the Chobe River where a tuft of floodplains remains, a lone elephant roams.  Elephants, we were told, can swim pretty well, and getting across from the land to the mashy island in the middle of the river would not pose a challenge to this elephant.

In close proximity to this bird, a certain kind of danger lurks.  Crocodiles lie in wait submerged in the wetlands in large numbers.

The predator and prey in one picture.  Very brave of you, little birds.

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Serondela Area – Intersection between 4 Africa Countries

The Serondela area of Chobe National Park where we were, is situated right in the intersection between 4 countries of the African continent – Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.  This Botswana flag clearly marks out its territory.

At another shore along the same Chobe River, Namibia awaits.

At the Namibia side of the Chobe River, luxury safari lodges that cater to tourists wishing to explore Chobe National Park beckons.

The River Safari along Chobe River took up almost 3 hours of our time – and it was time well spent indeed.

Join us next as we embark on the next part of the day trip – a game drive through the forest reserve, along the same Chobe River that we had cruised on earlier.

First published 25 Jan 2018
Last updated 9 Feb 2019

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