Travelling should be fun, care-free, convenient and relaxing.  But what if you have to constantly worry about your luggage and belongings?  Theft and loss of luggage can be a real issue when travelling.

With AirBolt, all the concerns of a traveller are addressed in one smart lock that makes your life simpler and easier when you travel.  By making use of Bluetooth coupled with your smartphone, Airbolt leverages on technology to make your life simpler and easier.  Lost your keys or forgot your combination for your traditional locks?  With AirBolt, all these are things of a past era.

How does AirBolt work?

As mentioned, AirBolt is a Bluetooth enabled smart lock that talks to your smartphone to unlock.  Your individual AirBolt can be linked to your smartphone via an app and unlocks with a single push of a button as long as you are the owner and your smartphone is within range of the AirBolt.  Worry about accidental unlocking? AirBolt is smart enough to relock itself as long as the rope is not taken out of its locking mechanism.

If you lose your phone or if your phone runs out of battery during the journey, your AirBolt can still be unlocked either by using a companion app from another phone, or by entering a pre-programmed button combination on your AirBolt.

Setting up your AirBolt

AirBolt is absolutely easy to set up and use.  Once the app is downloaded, a step by step guide ensures that you are never lost in the setup process.   You can name your device, add a picture and even set up backup lock codes for added peace of mind. When we received our copy of AirBolt in the mail, setting it up and linking it to our individual smartphones took less than 5 minutes’ work.  Easy peasy.  It was as simple as 1-2-3.

Just how unique is AirBolt?

AirBolt was designed with the mandate to make the modern traveller’s life much easier and hassle-free while on the road.   Let’s have a look at all the unique features of AirBolt which makes it so different from other locks.

Location on-point with AirBolt

Landing at your destination and discovering that your luggages hasn’t made it together with you can be a very real scenario that millions of travellers face every year.   With AirBolt’s crowdsourced GPS network, you will be able to see your luggage’s last seen location.  Perfectly suited for travellers with multi-stopover, you will now be able to reduce the hassle in communicating and tracking your luggage with the airline staff.  You may even be able to have your luggage returned to you much earlier!

AirBolt on Guard

Imagine that in your hurry to board a flight, you left your hand luggage at the transit lounge.  Or someone tries to make off with your belongings while you are not looking.  Worry not!  Just by setting a customised alert proximity with the app, your AirBolt will alert you either through the app or by using the in-built buzzer if your belongings goes out of your specified range.

Security and Privacy with AirBolt

Security checks are an unavoidable part of air travel and are absolutely necessary for our safety. For this reason, the AirBolt is fully compliant and TSA accepted.  Safety concerns aside, security checks should not interfere with our need for privacy, and many of us would not like our luggages opened without our consent. TSA or not, you will also be able to see a detailed lock/unlock log showing when your AirBolt was opened: giving you full control and transparency over your lock.

Should you choose, you can protect your luggage further by adding a security pin to prevent unauthorised access by someone who just happens to have your phone.

AirBolt and Friends

Think creative! The AirBolt goes beyond a travel lock. Sending a package to a friend and want to ensure it only gets opened by them? The AirBolt allows you to hand-off access to anyone you like. As long as you are the owner, you will be able to revoke access from any shared users.

The AirBolt – As Sturdy as it Can Be!

Countless hours have been spent in the design of the unique AirBolt to get every tiny detail right for the seasoned traveller.  The AirBolt is completely water resistant and features a die-cast Zinc body along with a sturdy stainless steel rope that makes it extremely durable and rugged.   Even with its sturdy body, it weighs a mere 60 grams with a dimension of 55mm x 16mm (D).

The design of the AirBolt allows you to lock your luggage from one of three different zones, including a space to thread the rope through a zipper.

The AirBolt uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery, with a charge that can last approximately 6 to 9 months under typical usage.  Charging is fast and easy with a standard micro-USB cable.  Its Bluetooth Low Energy technology is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Get Your AirBolt today!

The AirBolt is a great investment for any traveller who travels frequently.  It comes in 6 amazingly beautiful colours that complements your professional image even as you travel.

If you are in Singapore, you can buy the AirBolt from the following list of retailers.

The AirBolt is also available online via AirBolt Official Site and ships free worldwide.  Get your copy today!

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