There are only 2 airlines (Air Canada or Westjet) that fly directly from Calgary to Los Angeles.

We decided on Air Canada as it was slightly cheaper at a cost of CAD $196.82 (inclusive of taxes) for the one way trip. There is an additional checked luggage fee of CAD $26.25 CAD for the 1st bag (including taxes). The second bag would cost CAD $36.75 while any further additional bag would cost CAD $105 each.

The flight was operated under Air Canada Rouge, which is the vacation and leisure airline subsidiary of Air Canada.

After collecting our luggage from International Hotel and Spa Calgary and a hour on bus 300 to the airport, we were ready for our Air Canada flight #1876 to Los Angeles. Flight time was around two hours from Calgary. The flight departed Calgary at 7 pm and touched down at Los Angeles at 9.09 pm.

Boarding was pretty smooth and we were soon on our way for take off.

Cabin Amenities and Food

Seat Pitch for the flight was pretty tight, as you can see from the photograph. Thankfully, it was only a short 2 hour flight.

There was no complimentary food for the flight, but you could order from a selection of snacks, hot and cold meals and alcoholic beverages. Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages were served.

In Flight Magazine and Entertainment

Hours of your favourite shows and movies can be streamed directly to your device through the Air Canada App. You could also rent an Ipad for CAD $10.

After a short power nap on the aircraft, we were soon touching down at Los Angeles Airport.

Join us next as we check in the airport hotel in Los Angeles.

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