This was the 5th trip that we are taking Scoot…

Here are the previous 4 – Do check out their full itineraries by clicking the links! 🙂

Trip #1 – Gold Coast (2012)
Trip #2 – Sydney (2013)
Trip #3 – Taipei (2015)
Trip #4 – Perth (2015)

Web Check-In Recommended …

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Been seasoned Scoot travelers, we thought we had seen it all..but well, as they always say, there’s always something new..

For our previous 4 trips on Scoot, we had always reached the airport early (3 hours before flight departure) to check in. The queue was normally short and manageable and we could enter the transit area to visit the lounge followed by some duty free shopping before the flight.

However, when we arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 2 in the wee hours (around 4.30 am) this time, there was a pretty long queue at the Scoot check-in counter. Not sure if it is because Scoot and Tiger have merge their check in counters?

On hindsight, we should have complete Web Check-in before we come to the airport. There wasn’t any queue at the Web Check-In Counters!!

Tip: Note that Web Check in is available online between 48 hours and 3 hours before departure. Head to the airport and get outta here.

All Scoot flights departing from Singapore are eligible for Web Check-in.

Web Check-in is available for:

  • Individual or group travellers (excluding travel agent bookings)
  • Guests with only carry-on baggage or check-in baggage
  • Point-to-point journeys (i.e. no flight connections)
  • Bookings made through, Scoot Call Centre or 3rd-party travel websites
  • Guests travelling with infants
  • Pregnant guests

Click here to go to Scoot Web Check-In.

How much does it cost?

A pair of Scoot tickets to Kaohsiung and return from Taipei costs us SGD $270.87 per person (inclusive of tickets, taxes, seat selections and credit card admin fees). We bought our check-in luggage allowance separately, spending an additional SGD $100 for a shared luggage allowance of 25 kg to Kaohsiung and 40 kg on the flight from Taipei back to Singapore. This time round, we did not purchase meals in advance when we made the booking.

Thus, the total cost for 2 person works out to be SGD $641.74 (or SGD $320.87 per person), which we would consider it relatively cheap as compared to full service airlines,

Total luggage weight when we check in at Changi Airport was 24.4 kg, just within the 25 kg that we purchased..phew..

Total Luggage weight when we returned from Taipei was 39.3 kg, within the 40 kg luggage allowance that we purchased. You can say that we are pretty good estimators. 🙂

Our flight to Kaohsiung was on FlyScoot TZ 288 and was scheduled to depart Singapore Changi Airport at 6.55 am. As the check in took us a while, we scrapped our plan of going to the Lounge. We decided to just do some quick shopping in the transit area and have a quick breakfast.

Comfortable Surroundings

Boarding was smooth on board the Scoot B787 Dreamliner aircraft.

Legroom was spacious even for our normal seats. We had travelled on the B787 dreamliner aircraft previously on our trip to Perth, so were in familiar surroundings.

We love the electronically controlled dimmed window shades, which allows you to admire the beautiful cloud without the sun rays hurting your eyes! 🙂

One of our least favourite – the buttons on your arm rest. Throughout the flight, there were many occasions where the flight attendant came over as the attendant call button was accidentally pressed by the passengers.

ScooTV Magazine and Scootalogue (Duty Free Shopping)

If you are bored on board, you can always browse through Scoot’s in flight magazine and the duty free shopping catalogue.

Oh yes – Scoot is flying to its first European Destination Athens in Greece in June 2017. Anyone going?

Scoot Cafe – Your Scootilicious Food Guide

If you are hungry and have not booked your meals online when you bought your air tickets, you can always browse through the Scoot Cafe for some dining options.

Hot Meals cost SGD $12 onboard. Add a Coca-Cola or Jasmine Green Tea for an additional $3.

Light Meals are also available at SGD $9. Similarly, add a Coca-Cola or Jasmine Green Tea for an additional $3.

If you are not so hungry, you could satisfy your cravings with these tasty snacks or a cup noodle.

We ordered a Scoot Snack Bag to share.

Hot and cold drinks cost SGD $4 while liquor starts from SGD $8.

Premium Selections are only available for purchase online at before your flight and cost SGD $21.99.

Being a early morning flight, we were soon in ZzZzZ land. The aircraft soon landed at Kaohsiung International Airport after a flight time of around 4 hours.

Follow us as we start our holiday in Taiwan with a prepaid mobile data plan.

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