In this installment of our Perth Travel Guide Series, we review our flight on Scoot to Perth.

This marks our fourth flight with Scoot – We have taken Scoot to Gold Coast, Sydney and lastly Taipei earlier this year.   This flight to Perth also marks our second flight this year with Scoot.

It seems that Scoot has become a regular feature of our budget vacations these days.  Not surprising, because fares on Scoot can get pretty low.

Look out for Scoot’s Morning Glory every Tuesday mornings where prices to various destinations get slashed.  Another way is to look for coupons and deals online. There are a wide variety of fashion and lifestyle deals online, that it has become quite impossible not to find a discount code for something you want.

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Seamless Check-in

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We are growing to love every single moment of our time with Scoot. From check-in to boarding, everything was as seamless as a full service airline.

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Brand New Dreamliner Cabin

What got us really excited was Scoot’s brand new fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

We were one of the lucky first few to enjoy the new-look cabin and experience the new facilities on board the Boeing 787 to Perth! The seats are touted to be roomier and more comfortable!

The most fascinating improvement of this Boeing 787 Dreamliner was its tinted windows. I’ve always loved a window seat at the aircraft for its wonderful view outside.  However, as much as I liked the view, the glare of the sun and the UV rays always irritates me, and I end up having to shut the windows.

With these button-controlled windows in place, I can safely enjoy the view outside without the harmful effects of the sun on my face. Perfect for a lady!

Look at the difference between a darkened window and one which is not.

There are even different degrees of shade you can choose based on your preference.  The best part of this feature is that it is controlled centrally during take-off and landing – I need not be disturbed during my nap to pull up the window shades.  Perfect!

Buttons on the arm rest are now more visible and accessible.

As with all other Scoot flights, the leg space was always more than sufficient for us.

Safety Information Cards.

Brand new magazines and catalogues.

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Improvement needed for Food Quality

One of those aspects that Scoot need to improve on is the quality of the food on board.  It is a little expensive for the quantity served, not to mention that other low-cost carriers serve better-tasting food.

Our order of a Chicken Ham and Cheese Croissant came up to 9 bucks!

Fortunately we get a free drink due to an on-going UOB credit card promotion.

Playing with the shades of my window during flight time.  I wish all aircraft come fitted with this technology!

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The Return Flight from Perth to Singapore

Coming back from Perth International Airport is equally seamless and fuss-free.

Fortunately there was no delay in flight timings.

Goodbye, Perth!

Join us next as we share with you our experience of getting a mobile data plan in Perth!

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Discover Book Travel Deals
Discover Book Travel Deals


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