This was the third time that we had taken Scoot, the first time being our trip to Gold Coast when Scoot has just started flying in 2012 while our second trip was to Sydney in May 2013.

The last time we went to Taipei – It was almost 10 years ago! We have been wanting to go back to Taipei again to visit some of the places that we missed out (e.g. Hualien, Jiufen Old Street, Beitou Hot Springs etc).

The opportunity came when Scoot was having a promotion. Without any hesitation, we booked our tickets 6 weeks before departure and here we go! 🙂

Air Ticket Costs

A pair of return “FLY” tickets to Taipei costs us SGD $254.56 per person (inclusive of ticket, taxes and seat selection). We bought our check-in luggage allowance separately, spending an additional SGD $86 for a shared luggage allowance of 25kg to Taipei and 45kg on the flight back to Singapore. We also purchase one meal to share for each sector costing $31 in total.

Thus, the total cost for 2 person works out to be SGD $626.12 (or SGD $313.06 per person), which we would consider it relatively cheap as compared to full service airlines with promotional tickets of SGD $600 per person on average.

Total luggage weight when we check in at Changi Airport was 19.5 kg, within the 25 kg that we purchased.

Total Luggage weight when we returned from Taipei was 38.1 kg, within the 45kg luggage allowance that we purchased. It was almost double the weight that we flew out from Singapore (so you can imagine the amount of stuffs we bought!!)

Check In

Our flight to Taipei was on FlyScoot TZ202 and was scheduled to depart Singapore Changi Airport at 12.55 am. We were at the airport relatively early for the flight (almost 3 hours before flight departure) and went for our supper at the Premier Lounge before boarding the flight.

Probably because we were early, there wasn’t a queue at the check-in counter and we were able to check in our luggage and got our boarding passes in probably 10 minutes time! 🙂

The check-in at Taipei Airport when we returned. There was a longer queue compared to Singapore.

On Board the Aircraft

Leather Scoot Biz Seats.

Yellow Stretch Seats on board Scoot. They sure look spacious!

Legroom was spacious even for our normal seats. Scoot is still using the Boeing B777 aircraft with a 3-4-3 configuration in the economy class. Great news for those who are taking Scoot soon – its new Boeing B787 Dreamliner fleet has started operating in services to Hong Kong and Perth. By August 2015, Scoot should be operating a all new B787 fleet!

ScooTV Magazine and Scootalogue (Duty Free Shopping). You may want to check out what’s on offer on board your flight if you are interested in renting their IPADs.

Scoot Cafe – Your Scootilicious Food Guide. Scoot has changed the name of the cafe menu – previously it was simply called EAT.

Hot Set Meals cost SGD $18 and includes Coke/ Green Tea, a bar of Toblerone besides the Main Course – an increase of SGD $1 compared to our last flight on Scoot.

Light Meals are also available as a combo set (SGD $15). Or you could just order cup noodles if you just want to have a ultra light meal.

Savoury delights. Satisfy your cravings with these tasty snacks.

Sweet Treats for the kids.

We ordered the Creamy Pasta with Sausage set on our flight to Taipei.

While we chose a light meal – Ham and Cheese Croissant Set when we returned from Taipei.

Being a night flight, we were soon in ZzZzZ land. We did manage to take some beautiful cloud formations in our return trip from Taipei to Singapore though.

Join us next as we get to our hotel in Taipei City.

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