Planning a trip to Africa?  In this installment of our Africa Travel Guide Series, we review our flight experience on board South African Airways from Victoria Falls to Cape Town with a stop over at Johannesburg.

How to Fly from Victoria Falls to Cape Town via Johannesburg

After a few days in Botswana visiting the Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park, it was time to visit our next destination – Beautiful Cape Town!

As the direct flight from Victoria Falls to Cape Town on South African Airways (SA 8691) was already sold out, we had to take flight SA 41 and make a stop over at Johannesburg followed by another flight on SA 365 to Cape Town.

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South African Airways SA 41 from Victoria Falls to Johannesburg

By the time we checked in, a big crowd had already gathered at the gate.

While waiting for your flight, you could visit the Shearwater Victoria Falls shop for some last minute souvenir shopping.

Just like our experience in other parts of South Africa, the items were quite exorbitantly priced in USD, although the soft toys were pretty well made.


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Cabin Seats on Board South African Airways A330

Boarding soon commenced, and we had to pass by these Business Class seats again before getting to our Economy seats.

The flight looked pretty full today.

Back to our favourite 2-4-2 configuration on the A330 aircraft with couple seats by the window.

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In Flight Entertainment and Meals – South African Airways

In Flight Magazine with a beautiful German castle on its cover.

Despite the short flight time (1.5 hours), we were pleasantly surprised that the crew was able to serve a full lunch for our flight. This was in contrast to the flight we took from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls where only sandwiches were served.

The main course was curry chicken with rice and it was not too bad.

When you are in Africa, do try the Appletiser drink, which is basically a sparkling fruit juice created by blending apple juice with carbonated water. Not a bad drink to have after a hot day in the sun.

If you do not like apple juice, you can opt for other fruit variants like the Red and White Grapetiser or Peartiser.

We soon started our descent into Johannesburg.

Back to Johannesburg Airport after a few days away.

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South African Airways SA 365 from Johannesburg to Cape Town

There was a stop over of around 3.5 hours between our two flights. The Airport Craft Brewers was an ideal choice to have a sip of coffee while waiting for our next flight.

Our flight (SA 365) departed Johannesburg at 6.45pm and it was dark when we started boarding.

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Cabin Seats on Board South African Airways A320

The single-isle Airbus A320 aircraft was used on this flight and these were the business class seats. It sure looked less comfortable than the Airbus A330 aircraft that we were on earlier.

Leg space looked lesser than the previous flight.

Economy seats with 3 seats on each side of the single isle.

Legspace for economy was still reasonable compared to some budget carriers who are also using A320 aircraft.

The good thing on this flight was that we have 2 windows for our seat! That is pretty unusual especially when you are in economy!

Take off soon commenced over the beautiful Johannesburg city.


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Meal Service on Board South African Airways

Dinner meal service started once the aircraft went into cruising mode.

Does this look familiar? Yes. It was the same set that we had for lunch on board the flight from Victoria Falls to Johannesburg! Even the side dishes were the same – less the bread for lunch.

We opted for mineral water this time so that we can bring them back to our hotel for the night.

Descent soon commenced into Cape Town Airport.

Join us next as we check out Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel.

First published 11 Mar 2018
Last updated 10 Feb 2019

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