In the early morning at 7 am, we watched with anticipation from our balcony of the Caribbean Princess as it approached the shores of Gydnia, Poland.

The only thing we knew about Poland at this point was that it used to be a communist country,  and as with many post-communist countries, suffered in social and economic standards in its early independence days.  However, Gdynia now sure looks like a modern industrial city from the looks of its sea-port!

The tell-tale sign of heavy industrialisation is definitely the quality of its sea-water!

Spotted a whole host of activities on the docks with our long lens – some human activities at the pier, and a lot of sea birds!

First glimpse of the city.   These buildings looked like those in Singapore in the 1980s!

At least the warship looked modern.

Although the Caribbean Princess docked at Gydnia, our shore excursion was actually to Gdansk, the amber capital away.  Located about 75 mins drive away from the sea port, the Polish cities of Gdansk, together with Gdynia and Sopot are collectively called the tri-city.

Join us next on our walking tour of Gdansk.

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