Next stop on our itinerary on our Baltic Cruise after St Petersburg, Russia was Tallinn. Before this trip, I’ve never even heard of the word Tallinn, never knew that it was part of Estonia, and never even know where to locate it on the world map.  Thanks to this very fruitful trip, I’ve finally opened my eyes to more places in this beautiful world.

The gorgeous city of Tallinn waiting for us as the Caribbean Princess sails into its shores. Never thought that a relatively unheard-of city can be so splendidly charming.

We found 2 other cruise ships already docked when we arrived – which means the city was going to be packed with loads of tourists.  If each ship could carry at least 4000 pax, it means at least 12,000 more warm bodies fighting with each other to get that picture-perfect shot.  What a thought!

As usual, we were one of the eager first few to disembark from the Caribbean Princess.

The harbour itself was beautiful enough to stay a while and snap a few shots.

Saw this hot air balloon from our balcony on the Caribbean Princess even before we docked.  It is just next to the pier and for a small fee, you can climb on the balloon and get a quick overview of Tallinn.

Unlike Russia, we see Tallinn as a place which was safe enough for us to explore alone on foot.  Yes, on foot, because unlike other ports of call – Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Helsinki, the city of Tallinn is only about a 2 km walk from the pier.

Which means that we need not even look into taking a public bus to the city.  However, for those who wants to keep their stamina for shopping, the usual open-top tourists bus are available at the pier.  There are even fanciful train rides, although we do not know where these rides leads to.

A preview of what modern Tallinn looks like.

Shopping begins even at the pier itself.  There are small booths set up along the pier. Great for some last minute shopping if you didn’t manage to pick up anything from the city, but for now, we only wanted to browse before looking at what the city has to offer.

A preview of what these booths at the pier sells…..

A lot of these things are beautifully hand-crafted pieces and prices are actually not steep as compared to other ports of call.  We made up our mind that out of all the ports of call so far, Tallinn is the place to shop.

You won’t be able to find these souvenirs elsewhere in the world!

These cuties are so irresistible!

3 euros for a souvenir plate.  I call that pretty cheap.  In fact, after comparing prices at the city, we find the prices here quite reasonable.

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Join us next as we explore the Old Town and city of Tallinn.

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