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Tommy is a natural at planning vacations and takes pleasure in working out the best way to get to his next destination with the least hassle and cost. His wanderlust has taken him to extremities – from the grandiose of Saint Petersburg to the slums of Africa and of course, a whole lot of other places in between. As age catches up with him, he is slowly discovering the merits of cruising as a more relaxed and convenient way of exploring new destinations.

Bangkok 4 Days 3 Nights Relaxing Trip Itinerary

We were in Bangkok in July again over the weekend for a short getaway after our trip to Bangkok in 2013.Like our previous trip, this...

Perth 6 Days 5 Nights Trip Itinerary

We hope our itinerary do help you in your planning for a quick getaway trip to Perth. Do share with us if you have...

Taipei 5 Days 4 Nights Trip Itinerary

Going To Taipei, Taiwan?  In this installment of our Taiwan Travel Guide Series, we share our Taipei Trip Itinerary on how to best spend...

Bali 4 Days 3 Nights Trip Itinerary and Report

Going To Bali, Indonesia?  In this installment of our Bali Travel Guide Series, we share our 4 days 3 nights weekend getaway trip itinerary and...

Iceland Northern Lights Exploration + London Sightseeing Trip Itinerary

Iceland - a land of many contrasts.  It is home to the largest glacier in Europe, yet, it is also home to some of...

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