Going To Bali, Indonesia?  In this installment of our Bali Travel Guide Series, we make a trip to Blue Point beach in Bali.

Blue Point Beach – Must Visit in Bali

Blue Point was the most amazing beach we saw in Bali.  After a quick stay at the GWK Cultural Park, our private guide dropped us the shuttle bus station near the Blue Point Beach at our request. The shuttle was free, and only about 5 minutes drive to Blue Point.

We fully appreciated its name when we saw the beach.  It was the most turquoise blue beach in Bali.  Other than the beaches at Tanah Lot and Uluwatu, which had kind of strong waves and not suitable for swimming, Blue Point had gentler waves which were still ideal for surfing.

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Cafes and Massage Houses at Blue Point Beach Bali

Because of its beauty and fame, many commercial entities set up shop at the Blue Point beach to cater to tourists.  Apparently, those umbrellas providing shade were for rental, and there were also plenty of cafes and massage houses behind that were frequented by tourists.

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Blue Point Cafe – Spectacular Views

There’s a Blue Point Cafe somewhere up the cliff that overlooks the Blue Point Beach, but unfortunately despite our best efforts, we could not find the way to the cafe.  Heard that the views there were spectacular.

As we were not surfers and did not particularly enjoy baking under the sun, we didn’t stay for very long at the Blue Point Beach before leaving for our next destination – Uluwatu.

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First published 1 Jan 2015
Last updated 30 Dec 2018

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