Planning a Baltic Cruise?  In this installment of our Baltic Cruise Travel Guide Series, join us as we embark on a canal tour in Bruges, Belgium.

Bruges Famed Canal Tour

Our Princess Cruises land excursion to Bruges included the famed canal tour of Bruges. Before embarking on this cruise, we thought it was just a touristy gimmick of Bruges.  As it turns out, the Bruges canal tour was one of those highlights of our entire Baltic cruise.

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Advantage of Joining a Tour

Taking the land excursion which included a canal tour was a blessing because otherwise, we would have to join the queue for the ride, which can be horrendously long, especially in the late morning when the rest of the tourists tend to hit town.

Boarding our boat ride in the early part of the morning.  No need to wait in line for our turn as our tour guide has reserved a boat for us.

The queue starts to build up as the morning progresses.

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Bruges Canal Tour Cost and Duration

If you were to take this boat ride on your own, it would cost 8 Euros per person. There are multiple boarding and alighting points along the canals.

The canal cruise takes about 30 minutes, bringing us past the sights of the famous monuments in Bruges.  It was indeed 30 minutes well spent for some of the views seen from the canal are just so pretty and can’t be seen from land.

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Sights from Bruges Canal Cruise

The Belfry Tower, as seen from the canal cruise.  One of the most beautiful sight in Bruges, in my opinion.  But even better, as seen from the waters of Bruges.

The Church of our Lady is definitely one of those sights that can be seen from most points in the town of Bruges.  Seen on the boat ride itself, it lends a most romantic sight.

The flea market in Bruges, which we would go on to explore on foot after the canal cruise.

The canal cruise also brings us past residential homes in Bruges.

According to our canal tour guide, this old pal apparently occupies the same spot at the window every single day for a suntan while he naps.  So do keep a lookout for him if you are taking the canal tour!

Hard not to spot the swans of Bruges as they glide alongside us.

Bridges are some of the most recurring sights in Bruges.  Maybe that’s why Bruges is called the Venice of the North.

This is the lowest bridge which we had to pass under at super low speed.  The taller ones out there will need to mind their heads.

My favourite site in Bruges are these lego-liked brick houses.  Many of the souvenirs in Bruges are fashioned after these.

Under the blazing summer sun, we cruised along the canal of Bruges.

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Most Beautiful Sight in Bruges

Our local guide said that this is the most beautiful sight in Bruges.  Fortunately for us, we snapped a number of photos before the other tourists hit the town.  Otherwise, it will be close to impossible to get to this spot to get a shot.

Towards the end of the 30-minute cruise, I couldn’t bear to alight.  I want more!

Disembarked from the ride and saw the horrendous crowd who are queuing to get on!  I thank my lucky stars we got our ride covered by the Princess Cruises land excursion.

One of those things to do after you get off the boat – wave from the bridge to those who are starting the ride.

Join us next as we explore the rest of Bruges on our own.

First published 21 Feb 2016
Last updated 22 Sep 2019

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