In this installment of our Taiwan Travel Guide series, we bring you to experience a bubble tea making workshop at Chun Shui Tang (春水堂), the place of origin of bubble tea.

Taichung Chun Shui Tang Tea House Bubble Tea DIY

Taiwan’s Chun Shui Tang (春水堂) is known as the inventor of bubble tea.  Chun Shui Tang is actually an established Chinese restaurant when its owners decided to introduce iced tea with tapioca balls as toppings – now known as bubble tea.

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Today, we head down to one of Taichung’s branch of Chun Shui Tang to have a hands-on experience in making this wonderful beverage.

Chun Shui Tang Bubble Tea Making Workshop
Taichung’s Chun Shui Tang where we had our bubble tea making workshop

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Make your own Bubble Tea Workshop at Chun Shui Tang

I have this insane obsession with bubble tea.  Therefore, when I found this workshop for making bubble tea in Taichung, I just had to jump at the opportunity.  Plus I’ll get to learn directly from the professionals who invented bubble tea! And hopefully by the end of the workshop, I’ll be able to make my own customized bubble tea at home!

Bubble Tea Making Workshop
The materials and apparatus that are used in the making of bubble tea were already laid out and ready for us when we arrived at the workshop.

Our instructor began with a short preamble on the history of bubble tea and its evolution.  We were to learn to make two varieties of bubble tea – Chun Shui Tang’s signature milk bubble tea which has taken the world by storm and the traditional bubble black tea.

Bubble Tea Making Workshop
A short introduction to the history and the making of bubble tea, and then a live demonstration for our class

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Bubble Tea Making Class Begins

Our instructor begins the lesson with a live demonstration on how to make bubble tea.

Essential ingredients such as ice, tapioca balls, syrup, milk power and of course tea, were pre-prepared for us so that we can focus on mixing the concoction.  In addition, we were equipped with measuring cylinders and a shaking apparatus for aerating the tea.

Bubble Tea Making Workshop
Our own set of ingredients and tools for making bubble tea

One of the perks of attending the bubble tea making workshop was that we get to keep the shaking apparatus used for aerating bubble tea.  Unlike the metal apparatus that are used professionally at Chun Shui Tang and other bubble tea shops, this apparatus is made of plastic – a material that was more suitable for beginners as it is light-weight and easier to hold.

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If you are interested in the same bubble tea making workshop, you can check out the details of joining the workshop here.

Bubble Tea Shaking Apparatus
My very own shaking apparatus which I got to keep after the class. This apparatus is also sold at Chun Shui Tang as a souvenir

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DIY Bubble Black Tea

Making bubble tea is actually very easy!

The key to making a good cup of bubble tea actually lies in the quality of the tea that you use.  The rest of the work is simply to ensure that your tea is properly aerated by the shaking process and that the correct amount of syrup and ingredients are added according to your liking.  It’s as easy as that, I can do that at home!

Bubble Tea Making Workshop
My personal customized version of bubble tea!

Of course, we get to sample the bubble tea that we made ourselves during the workshop!  The amount of froth that you generate is representative of your shaking techniques.  The more froth the better!

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DIY Bubble Milk Tea

Bubble black tea was easy to begin with, but making bubble milk tea, the signature of Chun Shui Tang wasn’t that difficult either.   Using high quality tea and milk is the key to a great cup of bubble tea.

Bubble Milk Tea
Making bubble milk tea is as easy as making bubble black tea. There’s just one additional step of adding in high quality milk

Chun Shui Tang originates from Taichung and has since expanded its network of outlets in Taiwan.  This bubble tea making workshop is currently available only at Chun Shui Tang’s Taichung branch at No.9 Dadun 19th St., West District, Taichung City.

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Chun Shui Tang Bubble Tea Making Workshop

We enjoyed this bubble tea making workshop so much that we simply must recommend it!

You won’t become a tea connoisseur at the end of this workshop, but you will learn to appreciate bubble tea a lot more.  Within a short time of 50 mins, you also get to learn the basics of making bubble tea so you can make it at home yourself.  Plus it is so fun to make your own bubble tea!

Do sign up for this bubble tea making workshop if you are in Taichung.  Because where else to learn how to make bubble tea than at its own birthplace!

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If you are interested in the same bubble tea making workshop, you check out the details of joining the workshop here.

We hope you find this article useful in your trip planning.  We love to hear from you.  Please drop us your comments in the comments box below.

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