Which way to go?  There were so many things to do in Copenhagen but so little time here before we were whisked off to our next destination.

Our last hour in Copenhagen was spent in some super quick city sight-seeing and strolling down the world-famous shopping street of Stroget.

This feels like Bruges all over again, but Bruges had more of a medieval flavour, whereas Copenhagen had the culture of a modern city.

Hitting the shops at Stroget.

At Stroget, shopping is hassle free because it is pedestrian-friendly and car-free. Singapore may have its car-free shopping at Orchard Road on weekends, but do you know that Copenhagen had already implemented this idea on Stroget way back in 1962?  This is something that the Danes got right, right from the start.

The bliss of walking down a street without the need to look out for vehicles.

As much as I love shopping, I have to admit that shopping at Stroget is not anywhere near inexpensive.

In fact, most parts of Stroget are lined with international luxury brands, it’s hard to even something that has a Danish flavour to it.

I knew where this was going to lead to ….my favourite Marc Jacob’s Daisy collection!

Pay attention to the happenings around as you shop, for you may just spot one of the many street performers here.

After walking around for what seems like ages (it was actually less than an hour), we came to the conclusion that the only thing we could probably afford were these small little souvenirs. And buy them we did, for now, we were in a hurry to get back to the ship before it departs without us!

As with our earlier experience with taking the public buses from the cruise terminal to the city, we now have to take the same buses back to the cruise terminal.

Again, the confusion revolves around buses 25, 26 and 27, so the best thing to do is to ask the bus driver.  The journey time will not take very long, but it is the waiting for the correct bus that takes a long time, so do factor in some buffer to get back to the ship in time.

It feels so good to see our second home again, although it was just in the morning that we disembarked.

Back in the sanctuary of my cabin, I can watch the on-goings down at the port.

Tip:  Like other cruise ships, Princess Cruises actually charges an expensive rate for internet access on board.  Many of us make use of the time on shore to tap on complimentary internet access for example, at the cruise terminals.

Join us next as we cruise to Stockholm, Sweden.

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