During our 2-day stay at the magical Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, we were entitled to both breakfast and dinner at the Chateau as part of our package.  If you are staying at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, there is actually no other easily available dining options.   The Lake Louise village which, unless you drive, is not easily accessible from the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

Breakfast @ Poppy Brasserie

There’s a breakfast menu at the Poppy Brasserie, and our package includes the breakfast buffet priced at CAD$30, or anything in the menu of equivalent value.

We opted for the breakfast menu which was pretty good.

It tends to get really crowded here at the Poppy Brasserie at breakfast time, so its a good idea to come earlier to get a window seat which oversees the misty Lake Louise.

The view outside the window at my breakfast table.  In the mornings, the outside gets so misty that its quite impossible to see the lake and mountains at times.

The delicious breakfast spread.

Dinner @ Fairview

If you are at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, one restaurant not to miss is the Fairview.   With lovely bay windows and elegant settings, it is the perfect place to chill and relax with class. The menu of the restaurants varies everyday, so it is a good idea to check out all the restaurants’ menus for the day at the foyer before making your choice.

My window seat at the Fairview!  The views alone makes dining at the Fairview a great experience.

Our dining package at the Fairmont Chateau allows us to choose any restaurant for dinner.  We also could order any item off the menu to form a 3-course meal, but alcoholic beverages are chargeable.

My appetiser of seared scallops.  Perfectly done and delicious.

My main course of Alberta rack of Lamb.

My dessert of Black Cherry and London Fog, consisting of cherry almond sponge, London Fog ice-cream and cherry mashmellows.  A very unique and wonderful finish to an amazing meal.

Tommy ordered Cardamon Carnival Brownie, which comprises of dark chocolate blood orange and orange creme which was also very good.

Dinner @ Walliser Stube

For a change, we went to Walliser Stube for dinner on the second night.   Walliser Stube specialises in classic Swiss, German and Alpine dishes.  In contrast to the classy Fairview, Walliser Stube is more like a up-class bar.   One of those things to try here is in fact their line-up of Alpine beer.

At Walliser Stube, another must-try item is their authentic Swiss Fondue – an homage to their Swiss Mountain Guide heritage.

Final Verdict

Dining at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is a wonderful experience in itself and is highly recommended.

Join us next as we continue our exploration of Lake Louise.

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