Along Banff Avenue near Elk + Avenue Hotel (previously known as Banff International Hotel), there are plenty of dining options – cafes, coffee houses, fastfood, restaurants, and pubs are all available.

Having been deprived of Chinese food during our almost-2 weeks stay in Canada, my choice of dinner was Bamboo Garden at the second storey of one of the shop houses along Banff Avenue.

The restaurant was operated by a group of Taiwanese.  The food was not fantastic by chinese standards, but it still wasn’t too bad, plus it offered us some privacy while we had our meal.

My first Chinese meal after many days of Western fare.  The last chinese meal we had was at a dim sum cafe at Chinatown in Vancouver.

We also tried this Japanese Ramen restaurant Chaya much further down Banff Avenue on another day.   This restaurant was so small and packed with people, we had to get a queue number and wait for our turn! The food wasn’t too bad, but the ambience was another thing altogether – in other words, if you want a comfortable and quiet place to have a meal, go somewhere else.

Just opposite our rooms at the Elk + Avenue Hotel, there was a large supermarket, the one and only one that we see at downtown Banff.  Perfect for picking up daily necessities.

Join us next as we explore the various places of interest in Banff.

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