Hollywood Studios was the very last Disney World Resort we went to after the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom.

Just like Disney’s Epcot and Animal Kingdom, there isn’t any other branch of Disney’s Hollywood Studios anywhere else in the world, so it makes sense not to miss any of these parks when you are at Disney World.

We always made sure to be an early bird at the parks, but even so, crowds are always massive.

The Sorcerer’s Hat is the icon of Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Does it look familiar to you?  Sorcerer Mickey first appeared in the 1940 film Fantasia where he was a junior apprentice working for a sorcerer.  I still remember seeing this film being replayed on TV when I was very young – something about Mickey making his brooms come alive to help him with his chores and they ended up flooding the castle.

Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

Tommy with the park map in his hand, recommended that we head for the ride ‘Star Tours – The Adventures Continue’ first – not a bad idea, because I love 3-D and 4-D rides.  There’s FastPass available for this ride, but there’s hardly anyone in the queue – in fact, there wasn’t a queue at all.

The preamble before the show starts.

Each of these doors lead to a row in the spaceship.  Tommy and I got front row seats in the middle.  That was kind of the best seats available in the space ship!  I love this 4-D ride – its one of the best at all the Disney World resorts.  If you are there, we recommend doing this ride more than once!

Famous Streets of America

After some time at Hollywood Studios, we began to realise that the crowds we saw at the entrance had dispersed throughout the park, and at times, we found ourselves alone at certain corners of the park – which was a good thing because we could take pictures without strangers in the background.

This simulates a street that we were familiar with at San Francisco.  The steep sloping street at the background was actually just a backdrop picture.  Looks real, didn’t it?

By this time, Tommy and I were really enjoying the almost deserted streets at Hollywood Studios. It was somewhat disorientating  at first after so many days of jostling with the crowds at Epcot and Magic Kingdom, but we guess it doesn’t hurt not to have to queue up for rides anymore.

Transported to Manhattan? Nope, we were still at Hollywood Studios.  Just like the earlier street at San Francisco, this one is also a real-life looking backdrop.

Muppet Vision 3D

Another 3-D show, this time, it’s Muppet Vision.

We had never been fans of the Muppets – in fact, I find them ugly.  It’s a 25-minute show on 3-D, and although it was not the best of shows, we rather enjoyed the time enjoying the air-conditioning in the theatre.

If you are a fan of the Muppets, you’ll find some good plush toys of the muppet characters in the souvenir shop.

Backlot Tours

The Backlot Tours was next.  It’s a guided tour on how special effects in movies were made – something similar to what Universal Studios have.

At Hollywood Studios, the scene they used was that of a enemy attack at a shipping port.  Sounds like Pearl Harbour?

Some guests were asked to star as actors in the enacted scene.  Not me nor Tommy – we didn’t want to get wet!

This was only the first part of the Backlot Tours.  The second part was much more relaxing in a long tram which brings us to the back stage of Hollywood Studios to look at the support staff at work.

This group were apparently responsible for coming up with the more than 100 costumes that Mickey has.  They are also the creators and dressers of all other Disney characters.  Hmm..can someone make me a Princess costume…?

The last section of the tour brings us to a canyon that had been programmed to show live effects. Those sitting on the left side of the tram might want to be careful!  The fire and water effects will get to you!

The entire Backlot Tour took about 35 minutes to complete.  Though Disney did a great job here, we can’t help but feel that the one at Universal Studios was much more impressive.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular

At Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.  Couldn’t believe that we used a FastPass on this.  If you are planning your trip, don’t waste it on this – use it on ‘Star Tours – The Adventures Continue’ instead.

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dreams

Chilling off at Walt Disney: One Man’s Dreams.  It is a museum showing the evolution of the Disney empire, as well as how the image of Mickey had changed over the years.  No exciting stuff here, but very informative.

Tommy and I began to realise that Disney’s Hollywood Studios was really different from Magic KingdomEpcot, and Animal Kingdom. – there are not many rides here and most attractions were extreme stunt-shows and movie effects shows.

Follow us as we continue our review of Disney’s Hollywood Studios in our next post!

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Discover Book Travel Free e-Book
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