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Educational Visit to Luwak Coffee Plantation, Bali


Going To Bali, Indonesia?  In this installment of our Bali Travel Guide Series, we make a trip to taste some Luwak Coffee.

Luwak Coffee Bali

Bali is a land of many coffee plantations, and it is said that the most expensive and luxurious coffee in the world – Luwak coffee originates from Indonesia.

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Civet Cat Coffee Bali Plantation

Luwak is the local Indonesian name for the Asian Palm Civet cat and Luwak coffee (or Kopi as the Indonesians call it) was produced by feeding coffee beans to the civet cat,  The beans undergoes fermentation in the guts of the cat, and eventually gets passed out through the feces of the cat.  This method was said to enhance the flavor of the beans.

There are plenty of Luwak coffee plantations and show-houses around Bali, and the one that our private guide brought us to was just one out of many that we passed by in Bali. Our guide has chosen this plantation as it is just around 5 minutes’ drive away from Tanah Lot.

Although I drink coffee every single day, this is the first time I’ve seen coffee berries.

Beside coffee, spices such as cinnamon were also grown in the plantation.

That’s the star of the plantation – the Civet cat, its poo responsible for the finest coffee in the world which is Luwak coffee.

That’s the undigested coffee beans in the dried poo of the civet cat.

After which the poo is removed and the beans purified.

Roasting the coffee beans…it really smells good!

At the end of the visit, you could pay IDR 50,000 for a cup of Luwak coffee.

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Free Sampling of Luwak Coffee

And the cup of luwak coffee comes with free sampling of 12 varieties of coffee and tea!

My personal cup of Cat-poo-chino. To be honest, although this coffee was more aromatic than the usual Bali coffee and leaves no bitter aftertaste, it’s hardly the best coffee we ever had. So save your 5 bucks if you must.

The mangosteen peel and lemongrass tea were among the best in the 12 samples and we made up our minds to buy it.…

Until we saw the price tag in the shop….

That’s about SGD12 bucks for a really small packet (the tea powder didn’t even fill up to the top of the paper bag).  Quite a rip-off. Now we understand why they could afford to give free sampling!

The prices of coffee were not any much cheaper.

This incredibly small packet of Luwak coffee (200 grams) cost close to SGD $80!  Insane! I would rather spend the money on another night at Eden! 🙂

The smaller pack (100 grams) cost more than SGD $40.

We didn’t bother to check the price of the ginseng coffee anymore..

Well, the attitude of the staff changed as quickly as the weather when he realised that we were not buying anything (of course not, outrageous prices!), and saw us out immediately…haha..Nevertheless, we had a good time at the coffee plantation.

Join us next as we have lunch at Ketupat Restaurant and then visit the Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park.

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First published 21 Dec 2014
Last updated 29 Dec 2018



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