After a most exhausting morning exploring the Catherine Palace and its adjoining gardens, we finally had the chance to rest our tired feet and have a good lunch before we begin a second wave of walking at the Peterhof Palace.

One of the advantages of taking a Princess Cruises shore excursion was that we need not do the thinking nor the planning as compared to making arrangements ourselves, and that helps when you are dead tired as we were now.

Lunch was at the Hotel “Samson”, which was just a short 5 minutes drive away from the Catherine Palace.  Due to limitations in seatings at the restaurant, other shore excursion groups were brought to different destinations for their lunch.

It seems that the hotel is frequented by Chinese tourists.  It was our first and only sighting of chinese words in Russia.  At least the translation was not too bad!

Our tour group of 40-50 took up the entire restaurant in the hotel. At least we got a cozier seat along the side of the wall.

Lunch started with, and was accompanied by traditional Russian performances.

Some “lucky” tour mates even got invited for a little dance with the performers! 🙂

Our 5-course lunch consisting of an appetizer, soup, main course, dessert and coffee/tea.

Our impression?  Pretty bland food, although we suspect this was the norm in Russia, and what we were served here was already considered as pretty high end.

Menu for extra beverages and dessert.  Honestly, we didn’t know how to place our orders even if we had wanted to.  We couldn’t even read the menu! We certainly had a taste of being illiterate for the entire 2 days we were in Russia.

Join us next as we explore the Peterhof Palace.

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