Darwin’s downtown is really small, which means that most attractions are within walking distance.   In between the day trips that we made out of Darwin, we devoted a day to explore this little town on foot.

The Mall @ Smith Street

Most of the action in Darwin city happens along either Mitchell Street, or Smith Street where a strip of shops called The Mall was.   I especially liked The Mall – it reminds me of a very watered-down and quieter version of the Murray and Hay Street Malls in Perth.   It is the perfect place to spend a leisurely morning.

At The Mall, there is a little cove called Star Village 32 where a quaint little cafe called Four Birds is, where it serves possibly the best breakfast and coffee in town.  Try it if you are there!

Shopping is at its best at The Mall – from souvenir shops to book stores and higher end boutiques – you have it all.

I thought I could leave Darwin with a crocodile souvenir, but these crocodile skin leather products that I liked are especially expensive!

This small leather handbag already cost AUD $3500!

The rest of the shops at The Mall.

Mitchell Street

Mitchell Street was easily accessible from where we stayed at the Hilton Darwin.  The cornerstone of Mitchell Street has got to be Mitchell Centre, where a large supermarket Coles and numerous shops and cafes resides.

The Mitchell Centre with the Hilton Darwin at the background.

Mitchell Centre is also the place to pick up a data plan if you did do so at the airport.

At Mitchell Street, the one attraction that anyone should not miss is the Crocosaurus Cove – a place that is highly recommended despite its high entry fees.

There’s no lack of dining options at Mitchell Street….

Coffee Club Breakfast

My favourite has always been the Coffee Clubs in Australia, after having previous good impressions in Gold Coast and Perth.

There’s actually quite a number of other coffee houses at Mitchell Street.  The other one that we tried was Cafe Del’ Art at the corner of the street where the Hilton Darwin was . It was pretty good, though not half as good as the Four Birds.

Go Sushi Teppanyaki Darwin was one of the restaurants we tried at Mitchell Street.  It was located at the building just next to Hilton Darwin and we had dinner at it on the night we returned from the Mindil Sunset Market.

To be honest, we walked into this restaurant primarily because I just had to have Asian food that evening.  This Japanese restaurant was about the only one in vicinity that had asian fare.

Prices are pretty expensive as compared to Singapore, not to mention that we could not find anything suitable off the conveyor belt.

Our meal ordered off the menu.  It sure looked appetising, but unfortunately did not taste as good as it looked.

Our views?  Don’t try this restaurant unless you really need to have Japanese food.  There are probably better options elsewhere.

Beyond Darwin downtown

If you would like to venture further than  Mitchell Street or Smith Street at Darwin downtown,  there are other attractions such as the Mindil Sunset Market which is a bus ride away.   In the greater part of the city, at Litchfield Street, there is also what is known as the only chinese temple in Darwin City.

Join us next as we stay at night in Mercure Darwin Airport Resort before flying back to Singapore.

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