I always like to travel in style – whether it is for an overseas trip or a local road trip, you’ll never catch me leaving my home like a frumpy old lady.  Which is why the bags that I carry must reflect my personality and easily complement my outfits without compromising on functionality.

Gaston Luga – The Perfect Embodiment of Style and Class

Introducing Gaston Luga, the premium answer to all my needs.  Gaston Luga is a Swedish brand based in Stockholm.  Designed with a typical Scandinavian minimalism, and manufactured with quality in mind, Gaston Luga is the epitome of class and elegance that would make anyone proud to carry the backpack.

Gaston Luga – The Perfect Designs and Swatch of Colours

When it comes to the designs and the colours available, you will be spoiled for choice.  Gaston Luga backpacks come in a few configurations – the Clässic, Pråper and Clässy, all of which look incredibly chic and which gave me a sleepless night trying to choose between the Clässic and the Pråper series.

Our Gaston Luga, waiting to be unveiled….

After a long period of deliberation, Tommy and I finally settled on the Pråper series because it suited our personalities better.   If you know us, you will know that Tommy and I try as far as possible to have a pair of something that matches – from our mobile phones, watches, shoes, T-shirts, and yes, even our bags.

Therefore, we just had to have matching Gaston Luga backpacks!  The classy and manly Pråper – Olive & Black was a great choice for Tommy.  While I would have loved to get the Pråper – Pink to reflect the feminine side of our couplehood, it was unfortunately unavailable for us.   My eventual choice of the Pråper – Navy & Brown still proved to be a good one – I am absolutely loving the unique combination of brown and blue which I never knew would look so good on me.

The Perfect Combination of Functionality and Fashion

Now, I can be quite particular about the functionality of my backpacks, given the amount of stuff that I need to carry with me at all times, and Gaston Luga outperforms in this aspect.

When I am travelling, I need my essentials such as my passport and air tickets to be in a safe place, yet within reach quickly.  Gaston Luga therefore had a special pocket made exclusively for this purpose.  In fact, this fine little detail is present in all their backpacks.

The backpack is made of fine quality leather parts, thick quality cotton, metal details and a mix of carefully selected colours – making it the most reliable companion for my travels.

How much can the Gaston Luga backpack carry?  Plenty, I must say.  I am able fit my Macbook Air comfortably into a special internal sleeve, and still have plenty of space for other large items and travel essentials.

We can’t wait to bring our Gaston Lugas on their first trip!

Gaston Luga backpacks are available online via their official website: http://www.gastonluga.com/

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Gaston Luga
Official Website: http://www.gastonluga.com
Instagram: @gastonluga

[Updated 16 Sep 2017]: We are pleased to inform that Gaston Luga has just started a seasonal offer for the upcoming holiday season, in which a free leather address tag will be added to every backpack order by a customer.  Leather address tags can be used with Gaston Luga‘s backpacks, and other luggages to allow one to stand out from the crowd and personalise one’s style.

(Photo via @hotcheekylace)

This seasonal offer will be available while the leather address tags stocks last. Customers will be able to check the availability of the tags during checkout.

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