For those of us who need to be continuously connected to the internet whether for work or leisure purposes even during a vacation, do consider buying a pre-paid mobile and data plan at the airport. In this installment of our Perth Travel Guide Series, we share our experience of getting a data plan and mobile phone line in Perth Australia.

Best Mobile Data Plan in Perth – Optus Australia

The best data plan deal that we could find in Australia was from Optus Australia.

For AUD $2 a day, we get a 500MB data plan plus unlimited calls and text to any Australian mobile or landline.

The data plan served us very well in keeping us up to date with our  commitments in Singapore and communicating with relatives in Australia.  Check out the Optus pre-paid website for their latest pre-paid plan deals.

Optus is available at the Perth Airport Terminal 1 where the international flights such as Scoot land.

There’s Vodafone available just beside Optus, but as you can judge from the crowd, Vodafone is currently not offering any deals as sweet as its competitor Optus.

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How to buy a Data Plan in Perth

All we needed to do was to walk in to any Optus shop and purchase the pre-paid mobile plan for the number of days that you need (it will naturally come with a a SIM card and an Australian mobile number).

Activation of the SIM card can be at a later date. You can either activate the card by loggin on to their website or sending an sms to a pre-determined number.  Recharging or topping up your pre-paid plan is easy – either go online, or call them or walk back into any Optus shop to do so.

Our Optus Prepaid Mobile Plan had served us very well for the 6 days that we were in Perth.  Our only grouse was that the connection was poor or sometimes non-existent at places far away from the city, for instance, at the Australian outback and desert areas where the Wave Rock and Pinnacles were.

Join us next as we travel from the airport to the city.

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