After leaving the beautiful archipelagoes of Stockholm, the Caribbean Princess continued on its course in the Baltic Seas, and while we slumbered, brought us to the Finnish city of Helsinki overnight.  Finland sounds like something from Christmas, with its association with Mr Santa Claus, but in summer, Finland was just as sunny as the rest of the Baltic states!

Our stop at Helsinki looked to be a rather short one, because the Caribbean Princess docked at Helsinki only at 10:30 am, and would sail off at 5:30 pm sharp.  That made it just a short 7-hr time at Helsinki, and that’s not even considering the transport time we needed to get out from the sea port. Therefore, we knew we had to limit ourselves to only an exploration of the city.

First view of the port of Helsinki from our ship.

Seeing another large cruise ship at the port usually means that we have to jostle with another large crowd for photo-taking space – not a good omen at all.

Just like at Copenhagen and Stockholm, we decided to make use of the city’s public transport to do our own independent sight-seeing, which would save us a lot of money from taking the Princess shore excursions.

Fleet of tour buses waiting for their cruise passengers.

We needed to do some quick orientation of the place when we disembarked, but at least there were road marshals stationed at the port to give us the directions to the tram terminal. There is also a green line which you can follow.

Tram number 9 was what we were looking for at the tram terminal.

A day pass cost about SGD$12 (EUR8) each and would entitle us to a full day of tram and bus services.   Tickets can be bought either from the driver or from the automated machines at the terminal.

On tram number 9, our destination was Simonkatu which was 6 stops away and would bring us to our first attraction stop – the Chapel of Silence.

Join us next as we explore the Chapel of Silence in Helsinki.

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