The first scenic stop of our 8D7N Northern Lights Exploration package tour by Guomundur Jonasson (GJ) Travel was Grabrok Volcano Crater.

Grabrok (Credits:

Grabrok is the largest of three craters in a short volcanic crack.  The volcano can be ascended with a flight of stairs to view the collapsed crater.  It is said that from the top of Grabrok volcano, one can see outstanding views of Borgarfjordur.  However, there was no such luck for us.

Our very first scenic attraction outside of Reykjavik city ended in naught, as we remained stranded within our coach.  The ground around Grabrok was covered in melting snow and deemed to be too slippery for anyone to alight from the coach!  Even the stairs leading to the top of crater was covered in ice!

And so, although we wished we could scale the volcano, there was nothing left for us to do except to snap some pictures of the lava field from the steps of the coach.

The lava here is said to be around 3000 years old (imagine that!) and covers a wide area spanning 7km. Since it’s last eruption happened so long ago, the volcano is thought to be inactive.  The remnants of its last eruption had given rise to a beautiful landscape, populated by lava, volcanic rocks, moss and in our case, snow which made the scenery ever more appealing.

It was an uneventful start to our 8D7N Northern Lights Exploration package tour, but it did provided us a glimpse of how harsh the environment can be in Iceland! 🙂

Join us in our next articles as we continue our journey across Iceland in search of the Northern Lights!

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