Today is the start of our actual exploration within the Canadian Rockies after 2 days of travel on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Jasper National Park.

Sightseeing within the Jasper National Park was included in our package with the Rocky Mountaineer, and that came in the form of a half day tour on a Brewster coach which picked us up directly at the Marmot Lodge.

From Jasper onwards, our vacation within the Canadian Rockies were covered by Brewster which had tied up with the Rocky Mountaineer and which was the largest coach and tour operator within the Canadian Rockies.  If you are planning a trip to the Canadian Rockies on your own, it may be worthwhile taking a look at what Brewster has to offer.

Jasper National Park is the largest National Park within the Canadian Rockies, and in my humble opinion, it is also the most beautiful.  Our half day tour of Jasper National Park would bring us to 3 prominent sites within the National Park – Patricia Lake,  Pyramid Island (including Pyramid Lake) and the Malign Canyon.

Patricia Lake

A colleague once told me that the Canadian Rockies were much more beautiful than Alaska.  I didn’t quite believe her at that time.  As I stood at the bank of Patricia Lake looking at the mirror image reflection of the mountains in her waters, I suddenly understood why.  While the Alaska cruise did have some awesome scenery, nothing beats standing on land and staring at the mountains and lakes beyond and noting how small and insignificant I actually am.   Nothing beats being able to bend down and touch the cold waters of the lake and watch the ripples from my actions.

Snowy mountains can be seen from the lake.

Pyramid Island

Pyramid Island that overlooks the Pyramid Lake and the Pyramid Mountains beyond was so beautiful, I didn’t want to leave.  It was just a short drive away from the Patricia Lake and a mere 7.5 km away from Jasper town, so it was totally hike-able.

At Pyramid Island, there is a walking trail that would bring us to 4 viewing platforms – Mount Edith Cavell Viewpoint, Yellowhead Valley Viewpoint, Pyramid Mountain Viewpoint, and Mount Colin Viewpoint, all within short walking distances from each other.

The views are just astounding…..

Definitely one of the best seats in the area.

Each of these views are as good as a postcard.

Malign Canyon

As charming as the Pyramid Island was Malign Canyon.  It’s another must-see place if you ever find yourself in Jasper, Canada.

Rather than moving together as a group, we were given the time and space to explore the Malign Canyon on our own, which was great because we could pace our hike around the canyon according to our own needs.

The Malign Canyon measures as much as 50 metres deep at some point, and consists of some really beautiful waterfalls, streams and greenery.

At this time of the year, most of the water in the streams and waterfalls were still partially frozen, but it was still pretty impressive.

You know that you have come to the end of the hiking trail when you come across the shopping – yes! There’s still a souvenir shop within the Malign Canyon!

Medicine Lake

Our half day tour in the Jasper National Park actually includes a Malign Lake Cruise, but as we visited too early in the season, this cruise was not available yet.  Which was a shame, because this is known to be one of the best boat cruises in Canada.  To compensate for this, our tour guide brought us to Medicine Lake,  a high-altitude lake nestled within the mountains.

The Medicine Lake is simply charming.  It is a relatively shallow lake, but still looks pretty dried up at this time of the year.

For the keen-eyed bird watcher, there are bald eagles’ nests in this area.  We spotted one nesting not far away from this point!

Join us next as we explore the town of Jasper.

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