There’s so much to see and do at Helsinki, where do we even begin?   Because of our limited time in Helsinki on our baltic cruise journey, we had to carefully pick what we wanted to see, and places of attractions such as the ancient sea fortress of Suomenlinna was out of the question because it took too much time to take a ferry out from the city.   If we had more time at Helsinki, this would be the place that we would never miss!

Other than the Chapel of Silence and the Rock Church in Helsinki city, consider also visiting the Sibelius Park and Monument if you have the time.  Dedicated to the memory of the famed Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, the park and its unique monument was meant to reflect the rugged natural beauty of Finland.

One of those places that you should never ever miss while in Helsinki is Senate Square.

Finland used to be under Russian rule for a hundred years, and this has influenced on much of its architecture.  At Senate Square, the statue of the Russian King Alexander II still stands.

The area around Senate Square is considered one of the oldest part of central Helsinki and is the centre for arts, religion, politics and education, because surrounding the square are the Sederholm House, the Helsinki Cathedral, Government Palace and the main building of the University of Helsinki.

The Helsinki Cathedral was the 3rd church we visited in Helsinki within one morning!  While we had so much of palaces in both Stockholm and Copenhagen, it seems like Helsinki is full of unique churches.

The Helsinki Cathedral happens to be one of the most photogenic church in town, and is visited by numerous tourists buses throughout the day, making it impossible to snap a good shot without some strangers walking in the background.

Because of its history and close proximity to Russia, some parts of Helsinki still look like a Russian city.  This has become like a familiarisation trip for us because the Caribbean Princess would reach Russia the very next day!

Join us next as we hit the streets of Helsinki for some shopping!

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