Our flight from Calgary landed late at night at Los Angeles.  As we had to catch a connecting flight at Los Angeles to come back home to Singapore the very next morning, it made most sense to stay at one of the airport hotels rather than spend time traveling to the city.  Our choice was the Aloft El Segundo – Los Angeles Airport which was a relatively new hotel that had just started operations then.

The Complimentary Airport Transfer

Most airport hotels provide a complimentary airport transport service, and there is a bay outside the Los Angeles Airport that these shuttle buses stop at for hotel guests to board or alight.   When we reached the Los Angeles airport, we ended up waiting more than half an hour for the shuttle from Aloft El Segundo – Los Angeles Airport while that of other hotels had already stopped by many times during that same time frame. The driver did apologized and explained to us that they are still fine tuning the operations as the hotel was still new.

Fortunately, there was a fixed schedule for the trip back to the airport the following morning.

The interior of the airport shuttle.

Fast Check-in and Service

It was very late in the night when we finally arrived at the Aloft El Segundo – Los Angeles Airport. The check-in was fast and efficient and we were in at our room in no time at all.

Small Modern Room

The room was a little small, but if you’ve experienced the shoe-box hotel rooms in Taipei, then this room was really not too bad at all for a one night stay.

View of the room from the door.

We actually had a very comfortable and restful night here, and were impressed with the chic-ness of the hotel.  As the Aloft El Segundo – Los Angeles Airport had only recently opened for business when we stayed here, everything in the room was almost brand new.

A bean-bag instead of a conventional armchair.  This is the first that I’ve seen in any hotel room and it just brings a smile to my face as to how positively different this hotel was.

The amenities provided in the room – complimentary bottled water, beverages, and charging docks.

The view from the other side of the room.   The lighting in this room and the colour chosen for its interior furnishing makes it look a shade darker than most other hotels – no doubt a strategy to let the guests relax.

The bathroom is located right next to the door.

I love the design of the bathroom, plus the fact that it was ultra-clean due to the fact that the hotel was new.

The Surroundings

As we had just arrived in Los Angeles from Calgary, and consequently checked in late in the night, we had missed our dinner.  Thankfully, the Aloft El Segundo – Los Angeles Airport had a 24-hr self-service pantry where we could pick up a light instant meal or snacks.

The hotel’s lobby.  Just as with the rest of the hotel, everything here is modern-chic and designed to help you relax.

The hotel’s own chic in-house bar called wxyz.

If we have any grouses, its about these carpeted flooring.  Probably put there to cushion the sound of footsteps, it also served to create great friction for those with wheeled-luggages.  It made it very difficult for us to pull a luggage to our room in this kind of condition.

The hotel’s pool which look very inviting, but which we unfortunately had no time to enjoy.

Great Location

Well, what else can we say about the location of a airport hotel other than it was near to the airport. With a airport shuttle, it would just take about 5 to 10 minutes to get to the airport.

The Aloft El Segundo – Los Angeles Airport also had many shops and amenities opposite the road, and this was where we picked up essential items and pack a quick breakfast if we needed one.

Across from Sepulveda Boulevard was where all the shops and cafes were located.

There’s Ralphs (a large supermarket chain) and a 7-11 nearby for grocery needs.

In terms of food choices, there is more than enough to choose from, but we highly recommend In-n-Out Burger – one of the must-try if you are in any part of the States.

A whole stretch of other dining options.

Hotel Details

Aloft El Segundo – Los Angeles Airport
475 N Sepulveda Blvd
El Segundo
CA 90245, USA

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