Going To Bali, Indonesia?  In this installment of our Bali Travel Guide Series, we share our review of Bhavana Private Villas where we stayed for two nights during our Bali trip.

Bhavana Private Villas, Bali Review

First impressions always counts, and in this case, our first impression of Bhavana Private Villas was less than ideal.  The price we paid for our one-bedroom villa included complimentary airport transfers both ways, but as we stayed for our first night in Bali at Eden hotel,  Tommy made arrangements for them to pick us up from Eden instead.

Unpleasant First Impressions

Perhaps the culture in Bali is one of a very laid-back lifestyle, so unfortunately for us, no one turned up at Eden to pick us up despite an early confirmation from them to do so.

It was only until we called Bhavana, and through a smattering of poor English that we found that their driver was still in their villa and had no inkling that they had a customer waiting for pick up.  It was very annoying, given that we had already made prior arrangements with our private tour guide to pick us up to start a fully-packed sightseeing day.

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At the reception area of Bhavana Private Villas when we finally arrived.  As check in time was stipulated at 2pm, we could only leave our luggage at the reception and depart for our private day tour first.

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Night at the Villa

Our first glimpse of the villa when we returned at night.  Normally the villa staff would bring their guests on a tour around the villa to explain the workings of the villa, but as we returned late, we did not get to enjoy this privilege.

We had a one-bedroom villa, and our suite consists of a small garden, private pool,  living room and kitchenette, a bedroom with glass walls overlooking the pool, as well as a huge bathroom with bathtub, and indoor and outdoor rain shower.

The bedroom comes equipped with a poster bed!  I love poster beds and the romantic feeling they exude, plus the curtains around it gives a dreamy feel and a great sense of privacy.  But I guess with the large mosquito population in Bali, these curtains had an additional function of keeping them away.

Night view of the pool from our bedroom.

The bathroom that was much bigger than my entire bedroom at home in Singapore.

The complimentary bathroom amenities.  There’s free flow of bottled water for drinking and oral hygiene.

The indoors and outdoor rain showers.

The living room overlooking the pool.  The water in that pool is ice-cold at all times of the day! And as we did not have a guided tour of the villa, we did not know how to operate the various equipment around the villa, not even the stove!

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Day time at the Villa

Day time was the time when we could have a good look at our own private villa.  When we arrived at night time, the lights were all dimmed down to create a relaxing feel, but it was meant that it was too dark for us to make sense of the beauty of the villa.  At day time, there was only one phrase to describe the feeling of staying here – fit for a king.

The long road leading from the front desk reception to our private villa.  Bhavana Private Villas consists of 16 individual one bedroom and two bedroom villas, and we had the good fortune to be allocated the villa at the end of this long walk.   More privacy for us, but it also meant that the wi-fi signal here was non-existent.   In a way, we welcomed the fact that the internet was no longer a distraction point for us, so that we could enjoy the villa whole-heartedly.

The door to our private sanctuary.

We love the design and layout of this place, with a short sculptured wall at the front door to act as a privacy shield.  Right behind this wall is a small garden and further behind would be our bedroom.

Can’t resist taking more pictures of the pool.  How often does one have access to their own private pool?

While we were there, Bali was perpetually in a constant state of sunny-ness. And in this private villa which lets in natural light everywhere, every one of our pictures appear to be over-exposed.

The very Balinese decorative pieces in the living room.  This kind of decorative pieces were sold in great abundance at the Artisan village, but you would probably need a local to bring you around to snag a good price.

My second favorite place in the villa after the pool – our bedroom and its poster bed.

One thing about the bathroom is that it is naturally ventilated, with pockets of light coming through from the edge of the roof to give it an airy feel.

Complimentary felt bag given to us by Bhavana Private Villas.  It was perfect for carrying a change of clothes and footwear for some beach fun.

That’s all for Part 1 of our review of Bhavana Private Villas in Bali.

Do continue with Part 2 where we will review the freshly prepared breakfast and the Balinese massage that we enjoyed at the villa!

Bhavana Private Villas Details

Bhavana Private Villas
Seminyak – Kuta Bali 80361, Indonesia
Jl. Pangkungsari, Br. Taman

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First published 10 Dec 2014
Last updated 29 Dec 2018

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