CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III (新驛旅店) was our choice of hotel for our one-night stay in Taipei City, before we uproot ourselves to go to Hualien (花莲).  Given that it was just a one-night stay, all we needed was a place close to Taipei Train Station (台北火車站), for it is the place where we would alight from the Airport Bus.

Note that CityInn Hotel has 2 other branches near Taipei Train Station (台北火車站), i.e. City Inn Hotel I and II.  CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III is supposedly the latest in their Taipei Train Station (台北火車站) chain of hotels, and although all three features modern contemporary, clean and sleek designs, I personally would prefer the ambience of CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III. City Inn Hotel is also available at Ximenting (Taipei) and Tai Chung Station (台中车站).

Great Service

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We arrived at CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III (新驛旅店) in the early morning from our flight, much earlier than the stipulated check-in time, and although there were no rooms available for us at that hour, the reception offered to keep our luggage for us while we had our breakfast at Din Tai Fung.  When we subsequently returned in the afternoon to check-in, it was quick and professional.  Throughout our stay, the hotel staff were always friendly and quick to volunteer information when asked.

Tiny but Functional Room

View of the room from the doorway. Our first impression?  It’s really tiny!  Although it is called a hotel, it feels much more like a well-kept motel instead.

Right by the entrance to the room, a large portion of the room space is occupied by the shower and WC, which are separated into 2 compartments and flanked by a common sink in the middle.

This portion of the room is very narrow, and its flooring is tiled and not carpeted.

The room is so small that one side of the bed had to be put against the wall, just beneath the window.

Despite the relatively small size of the room, we were generally pleased with the level of cleanliness, its simple and modern design as well as the amenities provided.

In-room complimentary coffee / tea with some snacks.

I remember being most impressed with this light switch at the side of the headboard of the bed.

This is a dashboard that electronically controls all the lights in the room, so that you can select which ones to switch off before going to sleep, without the need to step out of bed. Despite its simplicity, we never have seen this at any other hotels outside of Taiwan.  In fact, I think this is a standard practice in Taiwan hotels, because Cosmos hotel which we stayed in after this also had the same kind of dashboard.

View of the streets below from our window.  Mc Donalds where we bought take-away dinner from is just a stone’s throw away.  There isn’t a view to speak about, given that the hotel faces the a small road and our room is not at a very high floor.  However, at least the streets were relatively and we never felt disturbed.

The only fault we could find with this room is its close proximity with other rooms – look how close we are to our neighbours.  The sound from our TV could be heard from outside the room, plus we could hear our neighbours clearly when they return late.

The Facilities and Common Areas

The lobby is cheery and modern, almost like what I would wish my dream home to be like.

The bright lift lobby.

Drinks also available at the lobby, for a small price.

The hotel may be small, but it still comes with a small business centre made up of 2 computers and a printer.

Great Location

One of the key factors that we always value in choosing a hotel is its location relative to the major transport system of the city we were in. CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III, though not directly at the doorstep of Taipei Main Station (台北火車站) was close enough to reach by foot.  Provided that you know the correct exit to come out from Taipei Main Station (台北火車站), the walking distance to CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III is only a matter of 5-7 minutes.

View of Taipei Main Station (台北火車站) near CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III. Just walk straight along the street and turn left at the junction near Taipei Main Station.

It also helps that CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III is located near many shops, cafes and amenities, so we attending to our daily needs was relatively convenient.

Cosmed (Taiwan’s equivalent of our Watsons or Guardian Pharmacy) is right across the street from our hotel. Great for that toiletries shopping spree (in case you are unaware, there are plenty of fantastic skincare products that Cosmed!). Even their Watsons carry great skincare products which Singapore does not have.

Besides McDonalds, KFC is also across the road for some quick and cheap dinner.

Bubble Tea shop in the same stretch of road!  When you are in Taiwan, one of those foods that you shouldn’t miss would be their bubble teas.  This shop is the equivalent of Koi in Singapore – Koi originates from Taiwan and over there in Taiwan, it is known by their chinese name of 50 岚。 Prices are around half of Singapore’s prices.

Telecoms shop in case you need to purchase a local data/phone plan.

View of the vicinity near the hotel at day time.

Hotel Details

No. 77,
Chang’an W Rd,
Datong District,
Taipei City,
Taiwan 103

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Join us next as we enjoy a sumptuous dim sum meal at 鼎泰豐.

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