The second hotel we stayed in upon coming back from the Taroko Gorge in Hualien was Cosmos Hotel Taipei.

Fantastic Location

The main reason for the choice of Cosmos Hotel Taipei was its incredible location. Compared to the CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III (新驛旅店)Cosmos Hotel Taipei was so much more convenient.  Cosmos Hotel Taipei is located mere steps away from the M3 entrance to the Taipei Main Station (台北車站).

Not only that, lining the way from the train station exit to the Cosmos Hotel Taipei are shops and small eateries – no problem for a late night dinner or snack.

Included in this row of shops is Shun Chen Bakery (順成蛋糕), famous for its pineapple tarts.  It really is as good as it claims.  Give it a try if you are there. See their website for more info (

Apparently, they were the champions of the Pineapple Cake Culture Festival organised by the Taipei City Government in 2011.

Cosmos Hotel Taipei is linked to Taipei Train Station via an underground tunnel, which has many shops too! It is also accessible from the ground level.  This is the actual distance of Taipei Main station from Cosmos Hotel Taipei.

Across the street from Cosmos Hotel Taipei is the famous Hong Kong dim sum restaurant Tim Ho Wan.

Efficient Check-in and Service

Cosmos Hotel Taipei is very popular with tour groups.  Therefore if you have the misfortune of meeting one such group during check-in, the waiting time for someone to serve you may be a little longer.

Staff at Cosmos Hotel Taipei are however quick and efficient and the queue clears after a short time.

As we had arrived early before the stipulated check-in time after our Puyuma train ride from Hualien, the staff were polite and efficient in explaining to us their check-in policies. Concierge staff were also quick to deposit our luggage for us so we could go ahead with our itinerary hands-free.

Overall a very hassle-free experience at the hotel!

A gift from Cosmos Hotel Taipei given to us at check-in – a medium-sized plush toy of a Chinese chef in Cosmos Hotel Taipei’s uniform plus a voucher for complimentary drinks at the lounge.  Through all our years of travel, this is the first time we received such a welcome gift from a hotel.  Definitely a positive first impression!

Small Traditional Chinese Room

The room we stayed in Cosmos Hotel Taipei is incredibly small. In fact, the room at Cosmos Hotel Taipei is even tinier than what we got at CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III (新驛旅店).

We had booked the lowest in the range of rooms and suites that Cosmos Hotel Taipei had. They do have bigger room and suites, but at a higher price – thus they should be better in terms of space and layout.

View of the room, taken from the door step.

The ‘window’ behind the bed is actually fake.  It is just curtains on the wall, and the other side of the wall is the lift lobby.  That means to say, this room is all four walls and has no windows at all – a fact that leads to a feeling of claustrophobia in the room.

This is the right-hand side view of the room, taken also from the door step.  This part of the room is mainly occupied by the wardrobe, bathroom and the utilities corner.  Unlike the modern chic of the CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III (新驛旅店), the furnishings in Cosmos Hotel Taipei was very old-school and traditional Chinese.  The furnishings are also very old and used, but at the very least is clean and odour-free.

The bathroom – very cramped, and looks like the kind of bathroom in a Singapore HDB flat, but at least it is clean.

The full view of the room.  We hardly had any space to move or to pack our luggage. However, after the initial disappointment, we got used to manoeuvring around.

The Surroundings

Our room at a high floor as requested, and conveniently located next to the lift lobby.  it could get noisy at times, but as compared to the thinner walls of the CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch III (新驛旅店), this was definitely more sound-proof.

Complimentary Lounge Drinks

The complimentary experience at the lounge.  The voucher given to us was enough to pay for two non-alcoholic drinks, without us topping up any cash.

Drinks aside, the best part of the lounge was getting to watch the Taipei night life outside the windows.

Hotel Details

Cosmos Hotel Taipei
No. 43, Sec. 1,
Chung Hsiao West Road.,
Taipei City 100, Taiwan,
Tel: +886-2-23617856
Fax: +886-2-23118921

Email: [email protected]

Join us next as we review the buffet breakfast at Cosmos Hotel Taipei!

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Discover Book Travel Deals
Discover Book Travel Deals
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