It wasn’t our first trip to New York, nor was it our first time at the Hampton Inn JFK Airport.  Having stayed at the Hampton Inn JFK Airport once in 2011, we were satisfied enough to come back for a second stay while on our way to the world of Magical Fun – Disneyland Orlando.

We had to catch an early morning flight to Orlando the next day, so we chose to stay in an airport hotel to make things more convenient for us.

Tip: An airport hotel is also generally a cheaper alternative than staying in New York city.

The Simple but Spacious Room

Similar to our first stay at the Hampton Inn JFK Airport, the room allocated to us for this stay was enormous.  I am guessing that they do not have a space constrains out here in the airport area as compared to New York city, so they could be generous in terms of room space.

I am especially fond of the plush and tall bed at the Hampton Inn JFK Airport – I really had to climb into bed because it is too high for my average height.

The bathrooms are very basic but generally clean and spacious.  While the  stay comes with complimentary soap and shampoo, Hampton Inn JFK Airport (in line with other hotels in the States) generally does not offer toothbrushes and toothpaste, unless you ask their staff for it.  So do note to bring your own.

Enjoy the view of New York from our windows.

Fantastic Location

Hampton Inn JFK Airport provides complimentary shuttle pick up from JFK airport.  The pick-up point is only at Federal Circle station, accessible from the free air train at the airport.  The shuttle bus ride is about 5 to 10 minutes away from Federal Circle Station and runs for 24 hours.  For return trips to the airport, the shuttle will drop passengers off at the terminal that they request.

Being located in the vicinity of the airport, there were no dining options around the hotel, but there were plenty of take-out services available so there were no lack of options for food.

Our Chinese take-out.  Dinner for 2, at a total cost of USD$9.80.

Basic Amenities

Being an airport hotel, amenities are pretty basic, but we do get an ice machine and a vending machine at our floor.

The main lobby.  Slightly different from what I remembered from the last visit.  They must have done a slight refurbishment not too long ago.

Complimentary Breakfast

As with all other Hampton Inns, breakfast is complimentary for all guests.  It was unfortunate that our flight was way too early, otherwise we could have asked for a breakfast pack!

Hotel Details

Hampton Inn JFK Airport
135th Ave
Jamaica NY
6818 5635

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How to get to Hampton Inn JFK Airport from JFK Airport

Once you have cleared immigration, look out for signage pointing you to the Air Trains.
Take the free Air Train to Federal Circle Station.

There used to be a free telephone service at the ground level of Federal Circle station that allows you to make a call to the hotel to arrange for a pick-up, but apparently that has been discontinued.  So make sure that you have coins in your pocket to make that call (there are no money changing facilities around).  Hampton Inn JFK Airport will send their shuttle vehicle to fetch you (arrives in around 7-10 mins if the shuttle is making the trip from the hotel).  Do get some spare cash ready to tip the driver.

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