Qi Xing Tan (七星潭) literally translated as Seven Stars Lake is one of the scenic stops along the Taroko Gorge.  Since we were staying a night at Hualien, we made the Seven Stars Lake our destination for the night. Our Choice for the night – Hotel Bayview Hualien.

Living by the ocean appeals to me a lot, even if it is just one night.

After a comfortable ride on the Puyuma train from Taipei, our cab driver which we have prearranged with the hotel picked us up at the Hualien Train Station. He suggested that we deposit our luggage at the hotel first before continuing on with our one-day tour.  It made not much of a difference to us, since Hotel Bayview was only a short 5 to 10 mins drive away from Hualien train station.

Fast Check-in

We deposited our luggage with the counter in the early morning before our day tour, and came back late at night to check-in.  At both incidences, our experience was positive. Check-in was fast and efficient and before long, we were on our way to our room.

Room Selections

The rooms here are pretty popular probably because each type was limited. We had wanted to book a honeymoon room but there was only the deluxe double room left.

Our room is at the third floor.

The entire setup of Hotel Bayview Hualien was very Greek-like.  Think along the lines of white-washed walls, simple design and the blue Aegean sea.  And a Greek-like room is exactly what we got!

Had been in love with this room with its white and aquamarine colour scheme since I saw the pictures on Hotel Bayview’s website.  In reality, the room looked just like the pictures!

We had wanted the honeymoon suite because for its glass-walled bathroom and larger bath-tub, but I guess this mini bath-tub is good enough too.  Anyway, we didn’t even have time to enjoy a soak in the bath-tub because our Hualien sight-seeing schedule was packed and we hardly spent any time in the room!

Very clean and well equipped bathroom.

View from our balcony at night.  Couldn’t see a thing, but we could hear the waves and smell the sea breeze.

Woke up early to catch the sun-rise from our balcony.  Breath-taking!

The Facilities and Surroundings

Hotel Bayview provides free usage of their bicycles for guests who wish to cycle around the Seven Stars Lake (七星潭).  However, for safety reasons, bicycles are only loaned out if  weather conditions are favourable, i.e. not too windy.  Unfortunately for us, it was windy when we wanted to use the bikes, so no sight-seeing on a bike for us.

This little cafe that opens to the outdoors is open 24hrs, and there were free flow of drinks and snacks throughout for hotel guests.

Common rest areas at the lobby.

The lift lobby.

Proximity to Seven Stars Lake (Qi Xing Tan, 七星潭)

The Bayview Hotel overlooks the Seven Stars Lake, which is literally right at its doorstep.
Our balcony from the third floor of Hotel Bayview overlooking the Seven Stars Lake.

That’s Hotel Bayview, taken from the shores of the Seven Stars Lake (Qi Xing Tan, 七星潭). That’s how close it is.

Wang Hai Lou Min Su (望海樓民宿) in the near distance.  Wang Hai Lou is also managed by the same owners of Hotel Bayview, but is a Minsu (民宿), meaning it is a homestay rather than a hotel.

Watching the sunrise in the peace and tranquility of the early morning.

The cycling track along the Seven Stars Lake, one which we would have used if the winds were not so strong.

The beautiful Seven Stars Lake.

Complimentary shuttle service to Hualien Train Station

Hotel Bayview provides complimentary transport to Hualien Train Station for their guests, but you need to inform the reception counter of your intention and the timing of your train.  As far as we know, there isn’t a fixed schedule for the shuttle service, and the staff would usually group their guests who are leaving for the train station based on their train schedules and availability.

Hotel Details

Hotel Bayview Hualien (七星潭渡假飯店)
No10 Mingtan St, Sincheng Township Hualien County 971, Taiwan
Tel: 03-8232345
Fax: 03-8236555

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