Hotel Hekla was the first and the only hotel we stayed in Iceland that was not within the Fosshotel Family of Hotels (Fosshotel Lind, Fosshotel Reyholt, Fosshotel Skaftafell).

Charming Little Guest House – Hotel Hekla

It is a charming little guesthouse with its name derived from the nearby famous volcano Hekla, the most prominent mountain for visitors to the hotel.  We arrived at the Hotel Hekla in a winter evening when it was already dark, and left in the early morning, leaving us with no opportunities to have a good look at its surroundings.

Basic Room

Amenities provided were very basic.  The furniture were obviously aged, but thankfully clean and there’s free wi-fi connection in the rooms.

However, the hotel ran out of hot water in the shower very soon after we checked in, and one of us had to endure an ice-cold shower. Certainly not the best of an experience in the middle of a winter night.

The Surrounding Area

There were no lifts at the Hotel Hekla, so those staying at the higher floors had to hand-carry their luggage up the stairs.

However, one good aspect of our room located on the second storey was that it was at the end of the corridor, near the outdoor balcony that was just outside the more premium rooms.  That balcony happened to be facing North, meaning that should the Northern Lights decide to make an appearance, we will be at the best possible place to view it!  In fact, many have said that Hotel Hekla is one of the best places to view the Northern Lights.

The interior of Hotel Hekla is quite quaint and homely and it was a pity that we did not get the chance to be here in daylight to have a view of its surroundings.

We get complimentary hot water and tea at the common areas as well! Ideal for cup noodles!

Breakfast at Hotel Hekla

The spread for breakfast was not as good as Fosshotel, but we were glad for a change after days of Fosshotel breakfasts.

Cute Sheep Model that we saw at the breakfast area. 🙂

Hotel Details

Hotel Hekla
801 Selfoss


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Join us next as we visit the magnificient Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls.

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