Looking for an affordable place to stay in Taipei at a convenient location?  In this installment of our Taiwan Travel Guide Series, we share our review of Hotel Relax, a budget chain of hotels in Taipei.

During our previous trips to Taipei, our hotel of choice was always CityInn Hotel Taipei Station. There are a few branches of CityInns at great locations in Taipei. While we had a really good experience with CityInn Branch III, the same cannot be said of its sibling at CityInn Branch I.  Therefore for our most recent trip to Taipei, we decided to give Hotel Relax a try.

Hotel Relax Chain of Hotels in Taipei – Budget Hotel with the Best Location

Hotel Relax, just like CityInn, is a chain of budget hotels in Taipei.  There are 4 hotels in the chain – Hotel Relax 1, Hotel Relax 2, Hotel Relax 3 and Hotel Relax 5. There’s no number 4 probably due to the Chinese’ taboo towards naming something after an inauspicious sounding number.

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A Convenient Location – Close Proximity to Taipei Main Station

Of the four Hotel Relax branches, Hotel Relax 1 is the one nearest to Taipei Main Station. The others are a short walk away in the inner streets further from Taipei Main Station. Once you are at Taipei Main Station, take West Exit 3 and cross the street to Guanqian Road.  Hotel Relax 1 is located in a mixed use complex that has got McDonald’s as its ground floor tenant. The entire walk from Taipei Main Station to the hotel is about 5 minutes.

Hotel Telax 1 Location
Look for the large MacDonald’s sign and you’ll find the hotel

Hotel Relax Check-In and Service

The check-in lobby of Hotel Relax 1 is located on the 11th floor. Guests will need to take the lift next to McDonald’s to access the check-in lobby and rooms.  As this is a mixed use building, the lift is shared with other tenants. They range from an optometrist, a restaurant, two tuition centers, a business center, and two other hotels (Smile Inn and A-Pause Inn).

As such, the lifts are pretty busy at all times.  It can get quite difficult to navigate the place with your luggage. The mixed variety of people moving in and out of the building gives the place a bit of a sleazy vibe. However, check-in at Level 11 was done very efficiently.

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Hotel Relax Building Tenant Mix
The other tenants occupying the same building
Hotel Relax 1 Check-In Lobby
The cozy check-in lobby

A Spacious and Uniquely Designed Room

We booked a Standard Double Room which is the most basic room for two on their menu. Out of the four hotels operated under the same group, the rooms from Branch 1 were the most appealing. It has this raised platform that houses the shower, WC and an open wash basin. It’s really quite a unique design and exudes a sense of secluded comfort and privacy in my own room.

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Hotel Relax 1 Room Layout
The layout of the room

What we liked most about our room at Hotel Relax is that it is A LOT more spacious than the ones we occupied at CityInn and Cosmo Hotel Taipei. Those rooms were so small that we hardly have space to lay out our luggage. The room here was in contrast,  spacious enough to simultaneously open up a large and medium sized luggage and still leave ample walking space for the two. In terms of size and comfort, Hotel Relax I definitely wins hands down. One thing to note though – there are no windows for this category of rooms, so if you are one who needs to constantly get natural ventilation, this may not work for you.

Great Bathroom Design

Having just come from Beacon Hotel in Taichung, the size of the bathroom here was a godsend. Although we had a great stay at Hotel Beacon, the tiny bathroom and the design of it was a constant source of grieve for us. So imagine my delight when we found a bathroom with more than twice the shower space, a separate WC area and an open wash basin area that is perfect for the needs of two persons.

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A Great Sleep

The bed and sheets at Hotel Relax 1 was really soft and comfortable. It was a big contrast to what we had at Beacon Hotel and we had the best sleep in days.

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Hotel Relax Bed
A comfortable bed makes for a night of great sleep

Hotel Relax Breakfast

Breakfast is included in the room rate.  However, due to space constrain, all guests have to go to Branch 2’s cafe Tutto Fresco. It is located about 2 mins walk from Branch 1. This is a nice cafe with a clean and modern decor, but with limited seating space. Therefore do be prepared to wait for a seat during peak hours. Breakfast is served buffet style with many hot dishes, porridge, soups, fruits, coffee and tea and fruit juices. There isn’t a large variety in the buffet and it taste bearably OK.

Our stay at Hotel Relax also comes with a free cup of coffee for each day of our stay. It is available only at Branch 3 (opposite to where Branch 2 is) at any time of the day. This is really great hospitality on the part of the hotel.

Hotel Relax Complimentary Coffee
Coffee Voucher to redeem our complimentary coffee daily
Complimentary Coffee at Hotel Relax 3
Choose to sit down in the cozy atmosphere of Branch 3 to enjoy the complimentary coffee

Hotel Relax Taipei Details

No.8, Guanqian Rd.,
Zhongzheng Dist.,
Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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