Our first trip to Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  Our first hotel at Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  We selected the Kindness Hotel Sanduo Shopping District(康橋大飯店) after taking into consideration several factors such as cost, location, facilities and the value that the hotel could offer.

Convenient Location

The Sanduo Shopping District (三多商圈) is a most excellent location at Kaohsiung to stay at. The Kindness Hotel Sanduo Shopping District is located at Linsen Second Road of the Sanduo Shopping District (三多商圈) which has lots of eateries, small shops and large departmental stores all within walking distance.

There is definitely no shortage of options when it comes to shopping and dining.  In fact, by virtue of our excellent location, we were able to shop late into the evening and maximise our day at Kaohsiung.

Testament to how much I love the shopping at the Sanduo Shopping District (三多商圈).  I could even fall in love with this wedding gown at the window display while walking around.  There’s also a wonderful herbal hotpot restaurant in the vicinity.

My favourite POYA (寶雅) store, the perfect shopping place at a budget for skincare products, man’s and ladies clothing and accessories as well as food and household items.  FE21 Megal Mall (大源佰) is just opposite the road, and is stocked with many storeys of fashionable products suitable for the younger crowd.

Just next to Poya is Sogo (太平洋) and Shinkong Mitsukoshi (新光三越), two large scale multi-storeyed departmental stores, which other than shopping, also has a wide range of up-scale cafes and restaurants to choose from.

And if that is not enough, there is a small-scale local night market (夜市) just a 3-min walk away from the hotel.

The nearest MRT to get to the Kindness Hotel Sanduo Shopping District is of course the station at Sanduo Shopping District (三多商圈) (R8).  This station is only 5 stops away from the Kaoshiung International Airport Station (R4) meaning that it would be a less than 20 mins ride from the airport.

In terms of proximity to the Sanduo Shopping District (三多商圈) station, the Kindness Hotel Sanduo Shopping District is slightly inconvenient as it is at least a 8-10 minute slow walk away if you have your luggage in tow, 5 mins if you are empty handed.

Efficient Service

Check-in was prompt and efficient and although they didn’t have a room ready for us when we arrived much earlier than the check-in time, the very polite staff offered to keep our luggage for us until we came back after check-in time.  Indeed, when we returned after check-in time, our room keys and luggage were ready for collection.  Throughout our stay, service was also impeccable.

Small but Functional Room

Our very first thought when we stepped in was – ‘This room is incredibly small’.  However, it was not until we reached Taipei that we appreciated how luxurious the size of this room actually was.

The depth of the room as we stood at the doorway, and its corresponding depth when we stood at the other end of the room.

Other than the small size of the room (which thankfully still had sufficient space for two persons to manoeuvre around), the room was cozy and clean enough. The fixtures were all relatively new and in good working condition, and we always managed to have a good rest after a long day of sight-seeing.

Spacious Bathroom

Surprisingly, the bathroom was incredibly large in relation to the rest of the room, and had a bright, cheery feeling to it.  There was also a bathtub (although we never had time to use it) and advanced technology in this bathroom.

Out of all the hotels we had stayed in, this was the only one with advanced shower facilities and I had great fun with it. With adjustable water jet sprays, this jacuzzi shower is a wonderful way to relax those tense muscles after a long day out.  Even the toilet bowl in the bathroom was the fully automated Japanese kind with many side functions and buttons.

Full set of toiletries are provided at Kindness Hotel Sanduo District, meaning that we could travel light without a large toiletries bag.  The hotel even provided different shampoos and body wash for men and women, an indication of the level of care they have for their guests.

The Facilities and Surroundings

The entire list of complementary facilities and services as found in our room.  Other than providing complementary wifi (which had better connection and stability than what we had at home in Singapore!),  the Kindness chain of hotels had some unique features that other hotels do not provide.

One of such services was their free laundromat all its guests, meaning that again, we could have chosen to travel light if we had wanted to.

Another unique feature of the Kindness Hotel Sanduo District was the provision of complimentary bicycles for their guests, a plus point if you would prefer to explore the city of Kaohsiung on two wheels.

The one thing that any guests could not have not noticed was the hotel’s good spread of complimentary coffee, tea and ice-cream right next to the lift lobby.  These are available 24/7 and speaks of the hotel’s hospitality towards its guests.

The hotel’s ice-cream buffet of at least 8 flavours.  If you like ice-cream of a creamy variety, then you are in for a good treat.  Some flavours are so popular that they would be low on stock after supper time.

As with other hotels, a business centre with computer terminals and a printer is provided. In this case, the business centre is located at the Kindness Cafe beside the reception counter.

The lift lobby and the corridor leading up to our room.  The insulation from the noise at the corridor could have been better and at times during the night, I wished I needn’t hear other guests making their way to their rooms.

Fantastic Daily Breakfast and Supper

Our stay at Kindness Hotel Sanduo District included daily breakfast, and much to our surprise when we checked in, it also included a daily supper as well!  Check out the detailed review of both, We were so well-fed that we both actually gained a lot of weight when we came back!

Our breakfast and mid night snack voucher.

The setting and buffet spread at breakfast.

The supper spread. Supper was so good that we actually skipped dinner on some nights.

Hotel Details

Kindness Hotel Sanduo Shopping District
Linsen 2nd Rd.,
Lingya District,
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Book your room @ Kindness Hotel Sanduo District

How to get to Kindness Hotel Sanduo Shopping District from the Airport?

After getting your data plan from the Airport, turn left and look for this exit.

Walk straight for a minute and you will reach the lifts to Kaoshiung International Airport Station (R4) MRT Station.

Take the lift down to the MRT Station.

Walk through this long walkway and you will reach the ticket office and entry area.

Wait for the train at the platform level. The frequency is quite good and you should be on your way to the hotel soon. Take the train towards Gangshan.

Have a short rest on the train. Sanduo District station is only 5 stops away from the Kaoshiung International Airport Station (R4) and would take around 20 mins ride from the airport.

Once you reached Sanduo Shopping District (三多商圈) (R8),  you can either take Exit 5 or 6. Exit 5 is nearer to the hotel if your luggage is not heavy and you are able to carry it up a long flight of stairs. If you are towing a large luggage, we will advise that you take Exit 6 as it has an escalator and it will take you at least a 8-10 minute slow walk to the hotel.

Join us next as we enjoy a sumptuous lunch at a Hot Pot Restaurant.

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