Our trip to Ho Chi Minh represents our second visit to Vietnam – the first being the visit to Hanoi back in August 2013, exactly 4 years ago!

Although that trip to Hanoi took place some time ago, one of the most vivid memories we had was the horrors of the local hotel that we stayed in at the recommendation of a friend.  And so while planning our trip to Ho Chi Minh, Tommy and I decided that only an international and branded hotel will do, to save us the pain of uncomfortable nights.  After all, we were here in Ho Chi Minh to relax!

There were quite a number of hotels to choose from in this category of international hotels, and our ultimate choice was Novotel Saigon Centre, after taking the cost and location into consideration.

Efficient Check-in and Service

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We arrived in the late afternoon at Novotel Saigon Centre to find a peaceful environment at the lobby. Check-in was quick and efficient, though there was a little difficulty understanding their English.

The hotel manager also quickly offered us breakfast at a ‘special price’ which we declined as quickly as the offer.  Overall, the service at the hotel was good and within expectations, with our various in-room requests attended to quite promptly.

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Well Designed and Spacious Room

We must say, we were quite satisfied with the room at Novotel Saigon Centre.   It was clean and spacious, and quite well designed and furnished.  Everything here was befitting of the Novotel standard that is to be expected.

First view of the room at the doorway.  On the right is the entrance to the bathroom.  The frosted panel on the right is the shower area, and it comes with a switch to give the user the option to turn off this opacity for some privacy.  We thought that was pretty considerate of the hotel!  After all, if I am occupying this room alone or with a loved one, I could always choose to watch the television while showering!

The room comes with a study table, and a sofa that was already converted into a single bed, presumably because the hotel staff had mistakenly thought that there would be 3 occupants in this room.

The King-sized bed was comfortable, with light switches strategically placed beside the bed, and reading lights at both sides for personal use.

The opaque bathroom beside the bed – a feature that I loved very much.

One feature that struck me most was the spaciousness of the room, and how everything was well-placed to give the occupant maximum comfort. This is the view of the room from the other end of the room.

The small pantry consists of complimentary coffees and tea, as well as bottled water re-stocked on a daily basis.   On the left was the entrance to the bathroom which comes with large wooden panels as doors, and on the right (partially hidden from this view) is a small settee and accompanying mirror for a last minute vanity check before leaving the room.

Spacious Bathroom

The bathroom was spacious and was generally compartmentalised into 3 distinct areas –  the vanity area, shower area, and a WC with its own swinging door – which works well to keep the smell of the activities that will occur in this corner away from the rest of the room!

Inside the shower area, overlooking the rest of the room.

Bathroom amenities were well-provided for, so there is no need to bring any of these for your trip. Disposable toothbrushes are also stocked in the room on a daily basis.

There’s a huge panel of window facing the bed, and privacy was accorded to the occupants of the room through a set of day and night curtains.  The only painful part of staying in this room was the fact that the night curtains do not draw properly and I am constantly exposed to streams of light filtering in and shining right on my face, which made sleep very difficult for me.

The view outside the window.  Due to the layout of the hotel and the position of our room, all we could see was the other sections of the hotels, as well as a private block of housing opposite was which was so close that we could see clearly what the occupants were doing, and vice versa. Therefore, night curtains had to be drawn constantly for our privacy.

Hotel Facilities

In close proximity to each other on the third and fourth floors were the InBalance Spa (Novotel Saigon Centre’s own in-house spa), the gym, as well as the swimming pool.  If you are thinking of your physical well-being, then these two floors are the places to go to!

The InBalance spa offers their own packages and special rates, but the prices are much steeper than what you would get in the city’s spas.

Novotel Saigon Centre has a pool that is partially indoors.   It comes with its own poolside bar and in collaboration with the spa, also offers messages at the poolside.

The gym is a wonderful outfit here at Novotel Saigon Centre, with a good range of equipment to suit every fitness needs.

My favourite has got to be these treadmills facing the city’s views! I could do mindless amounts of people-watching while working out!

The rest of the gym.

onTop Bar

The onTop Bar was accessible only from a special lift from the ground floor lobby of the hotel, and operates only from 5:30 pm onwards.   It was the best place to watch the night scene of Ho Chi Minh city without leaving the comforts and safety of our hotel.

It’s mainly a place to chill out with drinks, but light snacks are also available.

The night view at the onTop Bar was simply incredible.

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Our evening mocktails and a sandwich to share.  It’s amazing to be able to have a meal peacefully here while watching the chaotic city traffic down below.

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Hotel Details

Novotel Saigon Centre
67 Hai Bà Trưng
phường 6, Quận 3,
Hồ Chí Minh 722413,

Read all reviews about Novotel Saigon Centre at TripAdvisor!

Join us next as we review our spa experience in Ho Chi Minh!

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