The Carrington Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in the Blue Mountains, with a long history dating back to 1882, where it was popular even back then as a mountain retreat.  Originally named as ‘The Great Western’ when it first opened its doors in 1882, it was renamed as ‘The Carrington’ after the then Governor of New South Wales, Lord Carrington.

One of the Popular Hotels in Katoomba

Today, The Carrington Hotel is listed as one of the heritage buildings in Katoomba, New South Wales.

Fantastic Location

The Carrington Hotel is located strategically within a 2-3 minute walk from the Katoomba Railway Station.  The public buses and trolley services also stop right at its door step.

Along Katoomba Street where the Carrington Hotel is located is the buzz of the town, where shops, cafes and restaurants are located.   If you drive, Echo point where the Three Sisters are is only about 2-3 km away.

Road leading to Echo Point.

Friendly Service

Service has always been friendly and immaculate throughout the duration of our stay.  Housekeeping was also within expectations.  The reception desk leads to a large wooden staircase leading to the upper floors.  Do stop and admire the iconic stained glass windows at the hotel too.

Charming Colonial Room

We booked a Colonial Room, which is the lowest grade room that comes with an ensuite bathroom (The Traditional Room which is the next cheapest only has shared bathroom facilities).   Both the Colonial Rooms and the Traditional Rooms are located on the same floor.

Though well-used, the room is clean and spacious.

We were especially drawn to the bay windows and the settee beneath it and had spent our 2 nights reading at the settee.

The room has a cozy feel, especially with the warm lights on at night.

View outside the bay window at night.

The bed is also fitted with an electric blanket for warmth during the night.  We sure needed them for it was cold in the Blue Mountains especially at night!

You can help yourself to complimentary beverages provided by the hotel.

One negative point was that the plumbing system in the room was ancient! The pipes run along the ceiling of the room, and we could hear sounds of water being flushed through the pipes throughout the night!  Because our room happened to face the direction of the wind, we were also kept awake by the constant rattling of the windows.

Modern Contemporary Bathroom

The bathroom had obviously been refurbished, for it looks a different era from the rest of the hotel!  In contrast to the Victorian décor for the rest of the hotel, the bathrooms have a modern contemporary look.  We especially love the stained glass feature at the shower area.  However, beware, the floor tiles are cold at any time of the day!

Beautiful Victorian Design

The Carrington Hotel being built in the 1880s, has a strong Victorian look and feel to it.  Despite its age, great efforts had been put in to instil a homely and welcoming feel to it.

The Colonial Lounge Area. Spacious area to relax complete with comfortable sofas.

Sunset against the beautiful stained glass.

The lifts must be as old as the hotel!  It is those kind where you need to open 2 doors – the door to the lift and the door of the lift! There is even an important notice on how to use the lift!

Though the lift must be an antique and fun to watch, it is certainly not convenient for those with large luggages.

Great Views of Blue Mountain and Jamison Valley

If you stay at The Carrington Hotel, do make a trip to its balcony for a spectacular view of the Blue Mountains and the Jamison Valley. Some suites and rooms at The Carrington Hotel also offer views of the Jamison Valley.

Continental Breakfast is included with every room booking at The Carrington Hotel. Do stay tuned as we will review the breakfast at The Carrington Hotel in our next article.

How to get to The Carrington Hotel from Katoomba Railway Station

Upon your exit from Katoomba railway station, you will encounter a kiosk ‘Café Xpresso’ located right next to the steps from the railway station.  You’ll also see the shop selling tickets to the Blue Mountains explorer Hop on – Hop off bus next to it.

There is a pedestrian crossing outside the Blue Mountains Explorer shop, and the photo below is the view you should see from the shop.  Cross the pedestrian crossing and turn to the left, following the pathway up the slope .

This is the view you should see when looking back at the Katoomba Railway Station after crossing the road.

Another 1 to 2 mins walk will bring you to the entrance of The Carrington Hotel.

Overall Verdict

Old and charming hotel. Offers a romantic stay for a couple.  Do not expect the five star treatment of a posh and upclass hotel, but the Carrington Hotel offers a comfortable and charming stay. We saw a number of old couples during our stay at The Carrington Hotel, probably reminiscing the romantic memories of their stay at the hotel in their younger days.

The Carrington Hotel
15 – 47 Katoomba St Katoomba,
New South Wales 2780

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