Going to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam? In this installment of our Vietnam Travel Guide Series, we bring you the various options to get around in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

Best Ways to Get Around in Ho Chi Minh

You will be disappointed if you are thinking of using public buses and trains in Ho Chi Minh city to get around to save a penny, as these infrastructure are not up to standard yet or are still under construction.

How to Travel by Taxi in Ho Chi Minh

In Ho Chi Minh, the only form of public transport readily available are the taxis.

Getting around by taxi is relatively easy as there are plenty of them around and they’ll bring you to all corners of the city.

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What Taxi to take in Ho Chi Minh? Scam Alert!

The only taxis which are licensed and trustworthy are Vinasun (the white taxis) or MaiLinh (green taxis).

At the airport, you’ll see a long taxi queue and touts are known to approach you to bring you to either of these taxis.  However, beware that many of them are not from these 2 taxis companies. Thus, you may end up boarding a taxi that takes you on a long journey to overcharge you.

Although affordable, the cost of taking even the licensed taxi around the city can still add up.  Although these taxis run a metered fare, your fare will sky rocket if you are caught in a jam which is extremely common in Ho Chi Minh city.

Taking Grab in Ho Chi Minh City – Cheaper Option

A much better way of getting around, as the locals do, is to take Grab Car or Grab bike.

This type of private transport runs on a flat fare, and the fare usually works out to a dollar or slightly more if you are travelling within the same district.  You need not worry about being overcharged or having to pay a high fare during a traffic jam.

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Grab drivers are also a lot more trustworthy than the taxis, as Grab tracks your driver’s name and details are logged.   Furthermore, you’ll also be able to track the route that they are taking and their proximity to you during pick-up.

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We hope you have enjoyed following our trip to Ho Chi Minh! 🙂

Do check out our full itineraries if you have not! 🙂

First published 22 Oct 2017
Last Updated 15 Dec 2018

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