Visiting a local spa for a Vietnamese Massage is a must if you are in any parts of Vietnam.

Our last spa experience at Hanoi was a very positive one, and that left us wanting more of it when we visited Ho Chi Minh city. There are quite a number of top-rated spas in Ho Chi Minh city, and the locals will likely recommend a few for you to try.  Some of these spas are so popular that they have a few branches scattered throughout the city, and it is unlikely that you will have difficulty finding one.

The more up-market ones are usually located within prominent hotels, but their charges are equally premium, so unless you are prepared to pay for a luxury experience, it will be wiser to stick to the spas you find along the streets.  Many of these spas do not offer private experiences, i.e. you may find yourself having a message with other customers, separated only by a curtain.  Therefore, do conduct your research carefully before you decide on one.

Today, our choice of spa was the Indochine Spa, as we were drawn to their package for couples – meaning in all likelihood, we were going to get a suite of our own.

The 3-Hour Everlasting Package from Indochine Spa costs 2.9 million VND (approximately SGD$171) for two.  It includes the following:

  1. Steam Bath
  2. Herbal Foot Scrub
  3. Choice of a Body Scrub or Body Envelopment
  4. Vietnamese message
  5. Customised man and woman facial for both of us.

On the way to our private room – up the stairs.

Our private room comes with a bath tub, a shower area and vanity sink.

After the steam bath, it was time for some herbal foot scrub.  We also chose the Coffee body scrub.

The package ends with complimentary green teas, drinks and some sweet snacks.

Final Verdict

Overall, although there was nothing lacking in this spa experience, it still did not feel very satisfying despite the fact that this was one of the more expensive packages.  We still very much preferred the SF Spa in Hanoi.

Join us next as we embark on a Saigon Half day Private Tour with Kkday!

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