In this Kaoshiung shopping guide, follow us as we check out the best places to shop in Kaohsiung.

#1 Dream Mall (夢時代購物中心)

Dream Mall is said to be the largest shopping mall in not just Kaohsiung, but the entire Taiwan and also the largest in East Asia.  With over 600 retail stores spread over more than 9 storeys, it offers not just hours of pure shopping bliss, but also great dining and entertainment options.  The Kaohsiung eye is perched on its rooftop amusement park and is a great option for family fun.

How to get to Dream Mall?

The nearest MRT station is the Kaisyuen Station (R6) (凱旋) on the Red Line (Gangshan South – Xiaogang).   There used to be a complimentary shuttle that shuffles between the MRT station and Dream Mall, but it has stopped operations since the Kaohsiung Light Rail (高雄輕軌) started operations.  To get to the Light Rail Station (C3 stop), take Exit 1 at the Kaisyuen MRT Station.

For those taking the Light Rail, once you reach street level at Exit 1, you will need to cross the road.

You will see the Kaohsiung Light Rail Station (C3 – Cianjhen Star 前鎮之星戰).  The platform on the right of this picture is the one that you should be waiting at for the light rail train to Dream Mall.

The Light Rail train accepts the same Easycard (youyou card) that is used on the MRT and bus systems.

Dream Mall is 2 stops away, at C5.

Let the shopping begin!

#2 Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza (漢神巨蛋)

If you are looking for premium goods, then Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza is for you.  Its posh and luxurious interior is unlike other malls in Kaohsiung.  Any shopper will be awed by it.

How to get to Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza?

The nearest MRT is the Kaohsiung Arena Station (R14) (高雄巨蛋) on the Red Line (Gangshan South – Xiaogang).  Take Exit 5 and another 2 minutes walk will bring you to the Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza.

If you are keen on an alternative kind of shopping and dining, Ruifeng Night Market (瑞豐夜市) is within walking distance.

#3 Shinkuchan Commercial District (新掘江)

Better known by its Chinese name 新掘江, Shinkuchan Commercial District is the in-place to be at if you need some fashion pieces at more affordable prices.

If you are looking for skin care products, then you are definitely at the right place, because all three major beauty retailers in Taiwan namely Little Three (小三美日), 86 shop (86 小舖) and Paris Strawberry (巴黎草莓) are all available at Shinkuchan Commercial District .

Korean brands Too Cool for School and Etude House also has a presence here.  And not to mention my favourite retailer POYA, which not only carries beauty products at greatly marked down prices, but also a great range of beauty accessories and household items.

Be charmed by the Shinkuchan Commercial District Night Market (新堀江商圈夜市), the place to be at if you want some trendy clothing.  Soak in the atmosphere of the Shinkuchan Commercial District Night Market which can be quite unlike other typical night markets in Taiwan.  This one is trendier.  By a wide margin.

How to get to Shinkuchan Commercial District?

The Shinkuchan Commercial District (新掘江) is located a short walk away from the KMRT Station Central Park (中央公園) (R9) on the Red Line (Gangshan South – Xiaogang).

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#4 Sanduo Shopping District (三多商圈)

The Sanduo Shopping District is highly distinguished by the numerous shopping malls and retailers almost side by side to each other.   They are Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (新光三越), SOGO (太平洋) and FE 21 Mega (大遠百) and POYA (寶雅).

My favourite shopping mall is FE 21, because their items are much more fashionable and the mix of shops is awesome.  Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (新光三越) isn’t too bad either, but skip SOGO if you have no time.

And if you are up to some hotpot action, try the Wu Lao Guo Hotpot (無老鍋) in the same vicinity.  It’s high quality and fantastic service is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience.

How to get to Sanduo Shopping District (三多商圈)?

Take the Red Line (Gangshan South – Xiaogang) and stop at the Sanduo Shopping District stop (R8) (三多商圈).

Join us next as we take the high speed rail to Taipei from Kaohsiung.

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