If there is something truly unforgettable about the Kindness Hotel, it must be the fantastic spread of both their mid night snacks and breakfast buffets.

Midnight Snack as Good as Full Dinner

This is where the uniqueness of the Kindness Hotel lies in.  In our years of travel, we had never come across any other budget hotel which provides complimentary supper.   This was a first for us, and the rather skeptical side of me thought that it must be a simple supper that they are providing.  But I was proven wrong (rather pleasantly so), because the spread at supper was enough for us to fill ourselves up as dinner on many nights.

The Taiwanese Danzai noodles were the ultimate favourite with guests.

The supper spread is much lesser than breakfast, but it is still good enough, because each and every of these dishes are winners in their own right!

Steaming hot buns, lotus leaf rice, and their signature meatballs which every guest was raving about.

Even on nights when we actually had a good dinner outside, we still made it a point to come back for supper because I was just so in love with the food here.  And that was the reason why we had put on weight!  These are our favourites…..

Herbal tea leaves eggs.  My absolute favourite, because they are nicely marinated, smells heavenly, and taste better than what you have to pay for outside.

Taro Congee with its array of condiments.  Unique and a good staple for us.

The absolute best, and the section that I usually made a beeline for are the desserts.  Highly recommended are the soya bean curd (I usually have a huge serving), grass jelly (another huge serving), and the taro balls (one of the best taro balls we have eaten!).

To end it off, there are also cut fruits available.

A typical supper we have daily at the Kindness Hotel.

Sumptuous Breakfast Buffet

The spread at breakfast was much more diverse.  The buffet spread filled up 2 entire long columns at a central aisle and more.

My favourite has to be these live stations, where chef would prepare fried eggs and carrot cakes fresh from the frying pan.

On some days, there are even special menus to choose from.

A breakfast buffet is never complete without congee, and at Kindness Hotel, they went as far out as to prepare two different types – the traditional Taiwanese porridge and the Hong Kong-style congee.

Traditional Taiwanese porridge.

Hong Kong-style Congee.

Not forgetting the usual breakfast fare.

For those who love sweet potatoes.  And a whole lot of fried stuff….

As with supper, these meat dumplings are the signature dish of the Kindness Hotel.

Miso soup, salads, and stir-fried dishes are unlikely things that we see at a hotel breakfast. But they are here to cater to guests of different nationalities and needs.

Even the beverage counter had so many items to choose from….!!

Final Verdict

The marvelous spread and quality of both its supper and breakfast buffets speaks of the level of hospitality that Kindness Hotel has for its guests.   For an overall review of the Kindness Hotel Sanduo Shopping District (康橋大飯店), please read our review here

Follow us as we travel on a day trip to Kenting!

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