Planning a Baltic Cruise?  In this installment of our Baltic Cruise Travel Guide Series, join us as we embark on Caribbean Princess for the start of our cruise to the Baltics.

Caribbean Princess First Impressions

After embarkation, it was time to find our cabin.

Our stateroom was located right at the front of the ship.  We therefore had to walk a great distance from the central lifts to get to the stateroom.  That’s the disadvantage of booking a cruise late, because the better staterooms were already taken by other passengers.

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Baltic Cruise + Southampton Trip Itinerary

Home for the Baltic Cruise on board Princess Cruises

Welcome to our home for the next 14 days! We had actually wanted to choose the Caribe Deck after the excellent experience for our Alaska cruise, but had to settle for the Aloha Deck as the better cabins in the Caribe decks have all been booked!

Princess Cruises always knows how to make me feel welcome.  We got everything we need for the day on the ship the moment we walked into the stateroom.

Our stateroom streward for the cruise was Ms MaryAnn from the Philippines.

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Embarking process for Caribbean Princess

Welcome back from Princess Cruises

A welcome note from the Captain for returning passengers like us.  Princess will automatically upgrade its returning passengers to Gold status upon completion of their first cruise.  Not that it brings about much benefits, unless we manage to clock enough days to bring us to the next level.

Gosh, they even remember it is Tommy’s birthday during the cruise.  We feel so ‘privileged’.

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Balcony Cabin on board Caribbean Princess

This tiny little space on board the Caribbean Princess which would be our home for the next 2 weeks as we cruise the Baltic Sea.

The walk-in closet and extremely small bathroom. The Caribbean Princess is one of the older liner in the fleet of Princess Cruises, the latest being the Royal Princess and Regal Princess.  The furnishings and furniture in the Caribbean Princess is therefore a little worn and dated.

My favourite part of the stateroom is the Balcony.  But unlike on our previous cruise to Alaska on board the Diamond Princess, this stateroom did not have the advantage of having a balcony which is twice the size of other decks.

The view from the balcony before the sail-off.

The Bridge of the Caribbean Princess where the Captain and his assistants worked.  It is almost the same as the one we saw at the Titanic exhibition housed in the SeaCity Museum.

Parked at Queen Elizabeth II terminal is one of the newest in the Princess fleet – the Royal Princess. Bigger, better and newer, I almost wished that we were on the Royal Princess instead.

Fortunately we managed to get on board early.  We certainly did not have to wait in line just to embark.

Our last view of Southampton city as we sail away to our first stop – Belgium.  Here we come!

Check out our next post as we sail to Belgium!

First published 9 Feb 2016
Last updated 1 Sep 2019

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