On our very first day at Kaoshiung, we went shopping at Shinkuchan Commercial District (新掘江).  If you are looking to do some serious shopping at Kaohsiung, other than the Sanduo Shopping District (三多商圈) area that we stayed, the other must-go place is the Shinkuchan Commercial District.  I promise you it will be absolutely worth your time, especially if you are a beauty junkie or a fashionista.  Let me show you why.

Short Walk from Central Park

The Shinkuchan Commercial District (新掘江) is located a short walk away from the KMRT Station Central Park (中央公園) (R9), which in turn, is just one stop away from the Kindness Hotel that we stayed.  Yippy!!  It means I have easy access to all the shopping at Sanduo Shopping District (三多商圈) and Shinkuchan Commercial District (新掘江).

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Shopping at Shinkuchan

Before I even boarded the flight to Kaohsiung,  I already knew that I was going to spend the bulk of my shopping money at Shinkuchan Commercial District (新掘江).

And that’s because of the three major beauty shops in Taiwan that are all available at Shinkuchan. These three major beauty shops are Little Three (小三美日) which we had first visited in Taipei a few years back, 86 shop (86 小舖) and Paris Strawberry (巴黎草莓).

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All these beauty shops are well-stocked with Taiwanese-brand skin care products, as well as tons of popular Korean skincare products that are not easily available at stores in Singapore yet! Not to mention the great variety of make-up, skincare accessories, hair care and body care products……you get the idea.

Little Three (小三美日)

My old friend, Little Three (小三美日) at 新掘江.

It feels like not long ago when I had my first encounter with Little Three (小三美日) @ Yongkang Street, Taipei.  I had high expectations for this outlet at Kaohsiung, but perhaps size was a constraint for them, so the store ended up being very narrow and difficult to navigate when there are too many customers.

A little disappointing for me, because our previous experience with the Taipei outlet was so memorable that I actually managed to buy quite a number of skincare products at a good price at that time. The range was also much better at the Taipei Yongkang Street outlet, so if you are heading for Taipei,  investing your time there may be a better option.

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At the Shinkuchan, Kaohsiung outlet, there’s also a second storey, but it was stocked with mainly hair and body care products.

86 shop (86 小舖)

I simply love the look and feel of this shop.  Very pink, bright and kawaii, and a great shopping experience.

In terms of skincare products, I must say that it was better stocked than Little Three (小三美日) (sorry, my old friend, just stating the truth).  In fact, the first item I noticed when I walked into the shop was this Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine, a cult product made by the Korean brand Neogen that is currently very popular.  It is not available at stores in Singapore, but available at online sources (provided you trust the source).

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There’s plenty of sheet masks, both sold by box or per piece.  There’s even buy-1-get-1-free offers here for their sheet masks!

I prefer the second floor much more because of how cosy it feels and the neat display of products.

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One thing I’ve noticed is how cheap some Korean products can be sometimes.  For example, this Nature Republic Aloe Vera gel (another popular cult product) is retailing at NT$99.  That’s only about SGD $5!

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Paris Strawberry (巴黎草莓)

If you need to compare prices, fret not, because Paris Strawberry (巴黎草莓) is just next to 86 Shop. Little Three (小三美日) is lot further unfortunately, so it might do to copy down some prices if you have any particular product in mind.

Paris Strawberry (巴黎草莓) with their strawberry theme looks so kawaii!

Out of the three beauty shops, only Paris Strawberry (巴黎草莓) carries a fuller range of Bonanza products (another cult product, but this time from Taiwan).  Its rather difficult to find the full range, because most stores would only carry the blue and purple tub.

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It’s Skin (another Korean brand) is also available here.  This looks so much like Singapore’s own Skin Inc.  Oh God, I can go on a spending spree at these beauty shops.

Banila’s Clean it Zero is the best make-up remover I’ve used.  From what I know, it is not available at stores in Singapore, other than at the DFS.  Even so, DFS sometimes only sell the original version and not the full range.

I spent most of my shopping money at Paris Strawberry (巴黎草莓) and 86 shop (86 小舖) because they happen to carry all the products that I had shortlisted to buy.

Even the carrier bag from Paris Strawberry (巴黎草莓) is so kawaii!

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Too Cool for School

Korean brands have made more inroads into Taiwan than in Singapore, that’s for sure.  Too Cool for School is one of those brands which has only recently been made available in Singapore.

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I went crazy in this store at Shinkuchan Commercial District and spent a fortune on their signature products.  Oops….

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POYA (寶雅)

And of course, my ultimate favourite store POYA (寶雅) is available at both Shinkuchan and Sanduo District.  This is shopping paradise.  What more can I ask for….

More beauty shopping!  These Taiwanese sheet masks may be readily available in Singapore, but you’ll never get it at these kind of crazy prices!  POYA is the best one-stop centre if you are looking for sheet masks (in fact, they are better than Watsons or Cosmed).…they have all kinds, including Korean ones…and in loose forms as well..

Can you understand why I would go crazy at POYA?  I don’t lack time, but I lack shopping money….oops….

And if that’s not enough, there’s still SASA and Watsons at Shinkuchan Commercial District (新掘江).  How could I ever resist these at SASA?!!

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Shinkuchan Commercial District Night Market (新堀江商圈夜市)

Right next to POYA is 新堀江商圈夜市, a shopping street that comes to life especially at night.

Loads of trendy staff that they sell here.   It feels like a Bugis street in Singapore, and is like the Ximending of Kaoshiung.

I fell in love with the fashion from this shop called Queen Punch.  I later learned that this shop was everywhere in Kaohsiung, and can be found even at departmental stores.

Taiwanese fashion agrees very much with me.  Look at the kind of things I could have bought if I had money…

Of course there’s also loads to eat at this night market-like street….

Among all the food stalls, the one to look out for is this one….Angel Fried Chicken Cutlet (天使雞排).

It is the most famous chicken cutlet at Kaoshiung and has outlets at Ruifeng and Liuhe Night Markets too. In any case, there’s an outlet right here at Shinkuchan Commercial District (新掘江), and what’s stopping us from trying this right here, right now, except for the long queue?!

Our ‘medium-spicy’ chicken cutlet.  The spices and chilli used were very unique giving the chicken a very distinctive flavor.  It has an entirely different feel from the famous Shilin XXL fried chicken, but I can’t say that I favour any version – they are both different in their own ways.

Spending all my shopping money on our very first day of the vacation is not wise, but that was exactly what I did! (and it was all on beauty products….shhhh….).

Join us next as we head to Formosa Boulevard to visit the Dome and Liuhe Night Market (六合夜市).  Sounds like a lot to do one a first day?  You bet!

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