Planning a trip to Africa?  In this installment of our Africa Travel Guide Series, follow us on a visit to the world famous Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Cape of Good Hope from Cape Town

The Cape of Good Hope has always been said to be the most south-western point of the African continent, but geographical data shows that this point was actually many kilometres away.

Nevertheless, the Cape of Good Hope continues to enjoy world fame for its very unique name. Unknown to many, this cape used to be named the Cape of Storms, likely because of the turbulent waters and the many ship wrecks that took place in the cape. It was later renamed by King John II of Portugal as the Cape of Good Hope, because of the great optimism engendered by opening a sea route to the East.

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Short Drive away from Cape Point

From where we were at Cape Point, the Cape of Good Hope was only a short drive away.  The drive may be short, but extremely scenic.

The sharp-eyed ones would notice this pair of ostriches, strolling along the beach. How lucky they are! These are wild ostriches as opposed to the farmed ones that we saw earlier in the day. Male ostriches have black plumes while the females are greyish brown. In this picture, while the male ostrich is extremely striking, the female one was camouflaged by the rocks. See if you can spot her.

A close-up of the pair of them foraging for food.

The lucky birds who gets to live beside the beach.

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World Famous Signage at Cape of Good Hope

At the Cape of Good Hope, this signage has been put up and this was where the visitors all had to queue up to take their turns at taking a memorable picture with the signage.

The stormy sea at the Cape of Good Hope, which somehow reminds me of the beach at Vik in Iceland.

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Bird Watching at Cape of Good Hope

It would be best if you have a pair of binoculars with you if you are into bird watching. Notice the little boat in the background of this picture.

From the rocky mountain tops to beaches and the open skies and sea, the Cape of Good Hope is a haven for wildlife and is also one of the most beautiful spot on earth.

We would have preferred to stay much longer at the Cape of Good Hope, but the day’s tight itinerary forbids us for staying any longer and so we were off to our lunch venue, which was promised to be beside the sea, and which offered the same astounding views of the peninsular.

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The scenery at our lunch venue which was the Black Marlin Restaurant. This makes for one of our most memorable meals for the entire trip.

Join us next as we get to know the African Penguins at Boulders Beach.

First published 28 Apr 2018
Last updated 24 Feb 2019

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