Looking for an affordable and good hotpot in Taichung? In this installment of our Taiwan Travel Guide Series, we bring you our experience of Na Ge Guo (那個鍋) in Fengjia Night Market of Taichung.

Na Ge Guo (那個鍋) Hotpot in Taichung

It’s hard to miss out on the huge signage of Na Ge Guo (那個鍋) in Fengjia Night Market of Taichung. It’s billboard size signage on its building can be seen easily from far away. As I was craving for a spicy hotpot meal, it appealed to me immediately.  I just had to give this mala hotpot a try!

Na Ge Guo at Fengjia Night Market
Na Ge Guo at Fengjia Night Market, Taichung

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Personal Hotpot

Na Ge Guo specialises in mala soup broths and operates on the basis of a personal hotpot for each customer. Although I would very much prefer a shared pot, I’ll have to agree that this is great for customers concerned with hygiene.

Na Ge Guo Restaurant at Fengjia Night Market
There are 2 levels at this Fengjia Night Market outlet, so there’s plenty of seating available. Nevertheless, it was still full when we were there for dinner

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Na Ge Guo (那個鍋) Menu

Although the menu and order forms are completely in Mandarin, it is still relatively easy to place an order. There are only 5 types of pots – 4 mala hotpot choices (red) with different meat choices and a sour-spicy hotpot (green) which comes with chicken and pig’s stomach.

Na Ge Guo Menu
It may look a little complex, but there are only 5 different pots in the menu to choose from

For each pot, you can customize your preferred level of spiciness and your choice of rice or noodles. We highly recommend choosing the noodles for its texture and taste is quite unique. If you like to have additional servings of meat in your pot, it will come at an additional cost.

Na Ge Guo Order Form
Order form

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Our Meal

I ordered a mala pork broth hotpot (red) while Tommy had the sour-spicy broth (green). The hotpot is filled to the brim with ingredients, such that the noodles have to come in a separate bowl. I ordered a spiciness level of 4 out of 5 and it really did pack a punch! At 188NT (approximately SGD$8.20) per pot, this is really great value for money.

Mala Pork Hotpot
Mala Pork Broth Hotpot
Na Ge Guo Noodles
The extra chewy and spongy noodles which was served separately

The sour-spicy hotpot comes with a different set of ingredients. In terms of the taste of the broth, we will rate the red mala broth over this one.

Sour-spicy Hotpot
Sour-spicy Hotpot

Unlike some hotpot restaurants in Singapore, the condiments provided here are all free-flow and free of charge.

Condiments for hotpot
Our mixture of condiments to complement our hotpot

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Other Na Ge Guo (那個鍋) Outlets in Taichung

This is actually not the only outlet in Taichung. There was another one at Yizhong Street.  If you are at Fengjia Night Market or Yizhong Street, do consider giving it a try!  Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Outlet at Fengjia Night Market

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Na Ge Guo does not rank as the best hotpot in Taiwan, nor is it the most memorable. However, for its price and convenience, it is a meal of great value. If you like spicy mala hotpots, you simply must try it for yourself!

Location of Na Ge Guo at Fengjia Night Market

No. 522, Fuxing Road,
Xitun District, Taichung 407,

We hope you find this article useful in your trip planning. We love to hear from you. Please drop us your comments in the comments box below.

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