The Pinnacles – one of the most famous attractions in Perth, Western Australia, is a desert filled with spectacular limestone pinnacles or structures.

The Pinnacles is now protected as part of Nambung National Park in Perth, Western Australia and is one of the top attraction for any tourist to Western Australia.

Finding a Day Tour to the Pinnacles

As both of us do not drive, the only alternative was to find a good day tour to bring us to the Pinnacles.  Among the many day tour companies we looked at, Adams Pinnacles Tour was the most popular and received good reviews online. It was also recommended to us by a local staying in Perth.

Despite its name, Adams Pinnacles Tour offers many other day tours beyond the Pinnacles. Check out their website for information on other tours.

One of the meeting points for travelers on the Adams Pinnacles Tour is at Kings Perth Hotel, just opposite our lodgings at the Mercure Perth – perfect for us.

Adams Pinnacles Tour to the Pinnacles covers four sights in a day:

  1. Caversham Wildlife Park (entrance tickets are included)
  2. Lobster Shack to see a live lobster processing plant with lunch included
  3. The Pinnacles Desert
  4. The Lancelin Sand Dunes

Caversham Wildlife Park

One of our favourite activities (and hence the numerous visits to Australia) was to interact with native Australian wildlife.

Caversham Wildlife Park was highly recommended by the locals, and is considered one of the best in the region.

Our guide at Caversham Wildlife Park – she’s not Australian but from South Africa!

There are differing laws governing the handling of Koalas in the various Australian states. Some are more restrictive, where touching or handling Koalas are strictly prohibited because of the stress that it could cause to the animal.  At places such as Brisbane, visitors get to cuddle a Koala and have a photo taken for a fee , the proceeds of which is directed back to wildlife conservation.

Here at Caversham Wildlife Park, we get to go into the koala sanctuary  and have a chance to touch the sleeping Koalas.

Cute, aren’t they?

We were very lucky to spot a few awake Koalas.  Most koalas sleep up to 20 hours a day (imagine such a life!), and we managed to catch them during that short 4 hours when they are awake!

There were specific instructions given to us on how to touch a koala gently without causing it undue stress.  Such instructions were given to us even before entering the Koala enclosure, but in their haste and excitement, many of those in our group inevitably caused the poor koalas much distress.  In fact, some of the awake ones were frantically trying to get away.   Sometimes, I really cannot help but cringe at the shameful behaviour of our fellow tourists.

Next up is the kangaroo enclosure.

Aren’t these little things super cute?

These kangaroos are very used to the presence of humans, thus allowing us to pet and feed them.

Next up – Wombats!

We’ve seen Wombats at various Australian cities such as Gold Coast and Sydney, but they were all in their enclosures and never like this!

When we were brought to see a wombat, we never expected to see such a huge (and fat!) one out in the open.  This particular wombat was 13 years old and weighed about 30kg! Tough job for the ranger carrying it.

The ranger was actually stationed there with the sleeping wombat (it never woke up throughout) to give us a photo opportunity.  No touching of any part of the wombat other than its thigh.

After the interactive (a passive one at that) experience with the wombat, I kind of developed a passion for them, cute little fat things that they are. Wandered into the gift shop at Caversham and found this little plush of a wombat, which we bought for a steal at 10 bucks! 🙂

Join us next as we continue our day trip to the lobster shack!

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