After spending most of the morning traveling out of Perth city to visit Caversham Wildlife Park, we travelled along the coast and finally arrived at The Lobster Shack, the second destination on our itinerary of our one-day trip to the Pinnacles.

The Lobster Shack is a live lobster processing plant located right next to the sea.

The tour starts with a short video presentation that gives a wide insight of the industry, followed by a self-guided exploration of the facility, aided by an audio guide.

The lobster factory consists of an overhead walkway where we stood directly above tonnes of live rock lobster, each sorted into their own tanks.

Station No 2 – Western Australian Rock Lobster

Let’s continue walking….

The Grade of the lobster refers to its size, not its quality, with A being the smallest size. An H Grade lobster can weigh a whopping 2.5 kg!

The Grading Process uses machinery from the state of the art Marel Food System from Iceland, a wonderful place that we visited previously!

Thanks, dude! We got that on camera.

More stations explaining the process…

These lobsters get exported to various countries, including Singapore!

Lunch was included in the cost of the day tour, and if you had paid for a lobster lunch upgrade when booking the tour, you get issued with one of these vouchers that allow you to collect the lobster lunch directly from the Lobster Shack.

Without an lunch upgrade, the usual lunch looks like this – a box of cold chicken salad plus a small side of pasta, which taste quite horrible frankly.

We highly recommend the lunch upgrade to the Ultimate Lobster Lover Set, because it taste absolutely fabulous.  I mean, after all, you are at a lobster processing facility right?  Might as well taste the fresh lobsters they produce.

If you pay for the upgrade while booking the tour, you only need to pay an additional AUD$20.  But if you were to purchase the set directly from the Lobster Shack, it will cost you double at AUD$40!

Many of those in our tour group simply could not stand eating the usual lunch anymore and had to pay so much more than us to get the lobster lunch.

This staff from the Lobster Shack entertained us with the latest catch – an enormous fish!

We had plenty of time left after lunch, so we took the chance to explore the beach – after all, the facility was located just next to the sea.

Such dramatically beautiful cloud formation.

Our tour bus, waiting for us at the beach.

Stay tuned as we travel to the highlights of our day trip – The amazing Pinnacles!

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