Finally, the highlight of the tour – the Pinnacles!

We travelled along the coast line some more, passed quite a number of sand dunes, and finally arrived at the Pinnacles about an hour after leaving the Lobster Shack.

Our first view of the Pinnacles, seen from afar.

The entrance to the Pinnacles.  The Pinnacles Desert Discovery consists of a exhibition centre, and a walking trail to the Pinnacles Desert that promises a 1.2 km return walk.

Off we go, to explore the Pinnacles!

It’s a short 100m walk to our first view of the Pinnacles.

At the Pinnacles View.  This marks the start of the Pinnacles Trail, where we were to begin walking into the desert.

Into the Pinnacles Desert we go.

The Pinnacles Desert is huge and one could potentially get lost in the desert if they wonder too far off the trail.

At the start of the trail, our tour members were still somewhere around us.

It got a bit more deserted and lonelier as we each wondered off to investigate our own parts of the Pinnacles Desert.

One of the first signages we saw in the Pinnacles Desert was this.  I guess it was pretty tempting for tourists to climb onto the stone structures given that some of them were pretty low and of sitting level.

Something that I discovered in the Pinnacles Desert – many of such similar structures found around the same area, and what do you think they look like?!

Look like a turtle, don’t you think so?

It is as if a giant turtle got fossilized into the structures that we see in the Pinnacles Desert now – Amazing!

The myriad structures in the Pinnacles Desert, all carved out by nature. I can’t help but be impressed.

Somewhere at the end of the trail, we found an elevated platform that allows us to look back at the Pinnacles Dessert with an bird eye’s view.

Some of the best shots that we have of the Pinnacles Dessert were taken from this platform.

On the return trip from the walking trail. Although we walked back the same way that we came from, the structures that we see seem to be different!

Again, found some similar structures clustered together.

These peep-holes are best and most fun for putting faces in.

At the Pinnacles Desert Interactive Centre.  It was a welcome respite from walking uncovered, baking under the hot Australian sun.

It is little more than a museum but at least there’s shelter and air-conditioning here.

Join us next as we make our way to the sand dunes of Lancelin, which was a short drive away from the Pinnacles Desert.

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