Our last stop for the day was at the sand dunes of Lancelin, which was a short drive away from the Pinnacles Desert.

Talking about sand dunes – it recalled fond memories of our first sand boarding experience at Stockton Bight Sand Dunes in Sydney.

Somehow, Lancelin sand dunes was not as exciting as Stockton Bight – the sand hills were not as high or as steep, and the downward ride ended far too quickly to be enjoyable.

The better part of Lancelin was the 4-wheel drive (4WD).  This 4WD vehicle drove all the way from Perth City for a few hours to meet us at Lancelin to give us an half hour indulgence on the sandy slopes.

Not our first time on a 4-wheeler either, but nevertheless, the trill of riding down the slopes was still there.

The rest of our tour group still trying out the sand boarding.

I love it when I see this kind of natural phenomenon of sunlight filtering through the darkening clouds – it reminds me that hope is always there.

Sun set in the Australian Desert is always beautiful.

Join us next to find out where we had our dinner after the trip! 🙂

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